I am not Perfect: Update


April 1, 2015 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

As my title shows, I am not perfect. I have not blogged a lot lately. Things have been, once again kind of crazy. I have been working two jobs…tax season again! And while working the day shift at the PD I don’t have a lot of time.

I have been trying to make time, I quit Facebook a few weeks ago! Speaking of quitting things, I have quit several things in the past few months. On July 12th 2014 I quit Red bull. On August 12, 2014 I quit smoking. On January 12, 2015 I quit drinking soda. On March 12, 2015 I quit the Facebook. I am still on Google+, Instagram, and here. I have also picked up some new habits….I started drinking 64 ounces of water every day, and on February 28, 2015 our new Fitbits came in the mail and we now walk…a lot! We are striving to get 10,000 steps a day and we are trying to lose weight. I also only eat salad for lunch now. I started eating cereal for breakfast every single day in January, and it has helped…I wake up in the morning starving and wanting breakfast, this is something new to me since I never ate breakfast before.

Since our new Fitbits came, and I have been drinking water and eating salad, I am down just over 7 pounds. I still have 23 pounds to go, but I think my progress has been good. I feel better on our walks, my legs don’t get as tired, and we did a little hiking this past weekend and even though I bitched, I did it, and felt really good about it.

Even though some days we don’t want to eat healthy, even though some days we don’t want to cook and just crave fast food, and even though some days we don’t want to go for a walk or exercise, we are out there, we are doing it, we are getting our 10,000 steps a day! We are eating healthy, it is mostly the same dozen things rotating, we are doing it.

We have been getting very bored with our neighborhood, and just walking, so we also decided to add bike riding to our routine, we have only done it once, but it was so great! I also wouldn’t mind getting us both some new roller blades. Maybe do some roller blading as exercise too! (Hey hubby, what do you think? lol).

I have also been doing a Planking challenge, a squat challenge, and I crunch challenge. I started out doing a 20 second plank, 20 squats, and 10 crunches. As of yesterday, I am up to a full One minute Plank, 120 squats, and 50 crunches. I am also lifting small weights and doing some arm workouts with them to help build some muscle and minimize the underarm jiggle, you all know what I am talking about! My goal is to get to a 5 minute plank! (HA YEAH RIGHT!) 250 squats, and as many crunches as I can, I found the challenges on Pinterest under 30 challenge, but I just made up my own for the crunches, so I don’t know how many I will do, I guess I will just keep adding some until I get to the planking challenge and squats goal and see how I am doing.

Other updates: We have slipped a bit on the debt payoff, we had to get both cars fixed over the winter and so it set us back a bit, also we used our “extra money” to fund Christmas instead of paying extra on bills. We are back on track and moving right along. We have been doing the debt payoff for just over a year now, and I have paid off a lot of money already. We only owe on our house and our student loans.

I have also slipped a bit on couponing, I still do it, but most of the stuff we have been eating have been more fresh foods and they don’t have coupons for fresh veggies and fruits. We have switched to chicken and turkey burgers, but we still LOVE red meat. We have been watching our calories, but with healthy food, there are not coupons! We aren’t going super healthy but we are watching what we eat, and it is helping! Hubby is losing weight too!

That’s about all, we still love our house, but think of things we really want in our next house whenever that will be, summer is coming, so yard work is coming too, and the dogs while still cute, really need to learn how to behave on walks….it takes time I guess.

So, how are you doing, are you trying to lose some weight? Shed some pounds? Eat healthy? Walk 10,000 steps? What are you doing these days?


2 thoughts on “I am not Perfect: Update

  1. Mr. TNTSnow says:

    Avg. 14,000 steps a day for me, down 16 lbs, and hating every minute of this diet. But I am enjoying spending time with the wife doing healthy activities, getting out and trying new things aND I am picking up a lot of new recipes. All good things…

  2. I am enjoying spending time with you too baby 🙂

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