Stress of a Non-Smoker


August 25, 2014 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I am 12 days Smoke free! And let me tell you it has been hell so far! The cravings are intense. They tell you it only lasts 3 minutes, but let’s compare the craving for a cigarette to a 3 year old screaming for 3 minutes, how long does that seem? It seems like forever! It seems like the longest 3 minutes of your life.

They give you hints on how to handle the cravings. Things like, chew gum (done it), suck on hard candy (done that), brush your teeth (been there!). And many many more! These things do help, and yes the craving does pass and it does get better, but it is hell.

I have been bitchy, irritable, moody, sad, lonely, and feel miserable! So why did I quit smoking? Because even though I am having a really hard time, I feel GREAT! I can breath better, and I have been sleeping better too. I have been walking after work. I have been enjoying that too. My hair smells amazing! My breath smells better. I am not as tired in the afternoon, so that’s good.

They also tell you to go ahead and enjoy the cravings for all that food and candy you want for the first WEEK! Just the first 7 days. Due to the craving for smoking, and you not wanting to smoke because, hey you quit remember, you will want to do something else, and usually that is eating. Allow yourself to eat whatever you want for that first week and enjoy it because you are going to need that comfort! I ate! I ate candy, and junk food, and fast food, and anything I wanted really, for the first 7 days or so. Now, it is time for normal eating and water …..lots and lots and lots of water. Water helps to clean out your system of the toxins from all the smoking and the junk food! And it really did help! I ate and ate instead of smoked, and now the nicotine is out of my system and I am back to normal eating for the most part. But please, ignore the dumb dumbs in the bottom of my purse, they are there for the car rides lol I haven’t broken the habit of wanting one while driving yet, so dumb dumbs are my savior for now 🙂



I quit because it was time. I have been a smoker for 13 years and boy was it time to quit. My husband also quit. He has 2 days on me, he has been doing really well. We both made the decisions together that it was finally time to quit.

And, while this is not the #1 reason we decided to quit, we are saving money….a lot of money! Between the two of us, we are saving almost a car payment amount of money! Or we will be!


2 thoughts on “Stress of a Non-Smoker

  1. First of all…congratulations! You survived H*E*L*L week and you are doing in great in HECK week (week 2). I quit in February and it’s quiet a ride. If there is anything I can do …just contact me. I wish strengths and humor :-). Although there are online support boards like the where you can talk to other people who quit. are doing just great!

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