Where the Coupons???

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May 27, 2014 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

If you are wondering where you can find the coupons that people use to get these awesome deals to save so much money, I am going to tell you!

Newspaper Inserts

Newspaper Inserts

The first place is the newspaper! It is said that for true savings you have to buy the same thing in groups, while this is true and you will need to for stockpiling, you are probably wondering how people do this, the answer is simple, multiple newspapers. Some people say that if you want to save money you need to have multiple newspapers, some people will get the Sunday paper delivered to their house and they will get 5 or more newspapers sent to them each Sunday. Another way to get the newspaper is to buy it at the gas station or grocery store on Sunday morning. The key to this is that you MUST check the paper to make sure no one has already stolen the coupons from the paper. Which, sadly happens more than you would think. I read somewhere that a gas station allowed an employee to take all the coupons from all the papers, this is illegal and immoral. That’s why you need to check the paper for the coupons before buying it, but also don’t steal them out of the papers yourself. Some people advise getting one paper for each person that lives in your home. While this is a good idea, I only do two newspapers for the three of us, because that is plenty. I pretty much buy stuff in multiples of two, for exmample two shampoos, two boxes of hamburger helper etc.

Another way to get coupons is to print them online from different websites like redplum.com, coupons.com, and smartsource.com, you can also print store coupons from walmart.com and target.com, but most of those are only for those stores.

Digital coupons are an awesome way to get coupons. Smith’s has pretty much all the coupons found in the paper and on coupons.com. All you have to do is have a Smith’s card. You can also sign up for walgreens digital coupons and rite aid’s digital coupons. Also, Smith’s sends me coupons in the mail on items I actually purchase, so that’s always nice (those coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon because they are a store coupon).

Sometimes, you will find coupons right on the product you are going to buy, these coupons can be used at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated on the coupon. These are called peelies, because you peel them right off the package. *Remember to always read the coupons so you can follow the rules and be a good couponer. Also, don’t take these off the product unless you are going to purchase it right then and there because it is stealing and vandalism and you can be prosecuted. Also, don’t forget to use it! I ALWAYS forget to use it so I have to add it to my stack of coupons and use it later, which is just sad!

I just looked inside my 12 pack of Diet Dr Pepper, and there are coupons printed right inside the box! Who knew??

Sometimes stores will put up those little machines that dispense coupons, these are called blinkies, because there is almost always a little flashing red light on the machine advertising there are coupons. These are found near the item the coupon is for. *Remember to be a good couponer and don’t take all of them, because that’s just not fair to other people who could use them.

Speaking of these little machines, I remember being a kid they had these all over the grocery stores all the time, I don’t see them as often now as I did when I was a kid, but I used to grab one from every machine and try to give them to my mom. Darn kids anyway 🙂

Another thing stores do is hang a pad of coupons near the product. These are called tear pads! I found one on a display of Nutella once, it was awesome! Make sure to look for them on the store displays, they are usually on sale and with the coupon you can get a great deal.

Now, when you are checking out with the cashier to keep an eye on the little machine next to where your receipt prints, that machine prints out coupons! These coupons are known as Catalina’s and will print when you purchase certain items or so many of a certain item. Sometimes they will print for the same item you are buying or for something similar. These are to be used on your next purchase and cannot be used on the transaction in which they print.

There is a website called grocerysmarts.com that will show you what items are on sale, what coupons to match with those items, and in some cases what catalina’s will print when purchasing certain items. You should check it out!

I use this website to know what catalina’s I can expect to print when I am at the store because it breaks it down in a very simple format that tells you exactly what you need to buy to get the catalina. It doesn’t have all the stores, but it does have a lot of them.

You can get coupons from targets mobile app as well. Cartwheel is an awesome app to get coupons, and what is great about target is the you can use a manufactuer coupon, a target store coupon, the cartwheel app, AND if you get their texts to your phone you can stack them all on one item! Now that’s some savings!

I also get some coupons from a magazine called Allyou. I love this magazine, it comes right to my house, but I would like to have multiples of them if I could 🙂 There are other magazines that have coupons, but that is the only one I know of for sure.

Lastly, you can always write to companies and ask for coupons, or sign up for their news letters and get printable coupons. You can also find some on companies facebook pages. I don’t suggest writing to companies and asking for coupons, I find that when asking for coupons companies will usually say that coupons can be found in the newspaper, but if you send them a little love note saying that you love their product and tell them a nice story about a certain item, sometimes they will send you a letter back with some coupons, and they are usually higher value and have a longer expiration date than newspaper coupons, often lasting until the end of the year. I have written a few companies love letters and recieved different responses from Thanks we try, to that’s great to hear, here have a recipe book, others have sent me coupons in the mail. I love all of it 🙂 I always tell them what product I like and why, and if I have gotten other people to use it too and I always tell them good job and to keep it up. Sometimes they like to hear a simple thank you for your product and they can be appreciative of that. I am sure, just like any company it is nice to get a pat on the back rather than a complaint 🙂


Where do you get your coupons from? Did I miss something?


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