Grocery Attack

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May 13, 2014 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I have to admit something, with all this couponing and saving money I just need to admit that I hate grocery shopping! I hate that to get the best price for things, I may need to go to the dreaded wally world!

I sometimes get panic attacks, sometimes it is during a huge snow storm and I am driving down the road, but most of the time it is during the busy shopping times when I “just need ONE damn thing!” and these people are in my way!

I would much rather shop in the middle of the night when the store is practically empty and the only people in the aisle are the people who stock the shelves. I have a motto that applies to so many things in my life and most importantly and applies the most to is my grocery shopping trips….that motto “get in, get out, get on with your life” Time is money people, and I just don’t have time for that shit!

I buy my hamburger meat at only two stores, Costco or Harmon’s, although I am going to try Stan’s next time around because a coworker suggested it and she will drive out of her way just to go there for meat, and she’s a smart lady so I am going to check it out.

The problem with my wanting to grocery shop in the middle of the night when there are no people is that Harmon’s now closes its doors at midnight, and Costco closes at what? 8PM? That just does not work for me when I need dog food, cat liter, and hamburger meat!

For the rest of my groceries, I tend to shop at Smith’s (aka Kroger). They have online coupons that load right to my card, and they take coupons from the newspaper and ones I print online (no other store coupons accepted). This makes it easy for me, and they even send ME coupons that are just for me based on the items I buy on a regular basis. I LOVE THAT! I love getting that envelope and seeing what they think I am in need of, and you know what, they are almost always right! Yesterday I got my little Smith’s envelope and I even have $20 off a $200 purchase!! OMYYYY!!! Although our food budget is only $150 every two weeks, I think I could bump it up a bit for one trip and make the next one smaller to save $20!!! I mean it’s $20 people!

Anyway, off topic, back to panic attacks at the grocery store, I am not a huge people person, ok I know I work in customer service, I answer 911, but I hate people at the grocery store, I also hate people when I am driving home from the grocery store but more on that later.

Due to my motto, my mom used to make me a grocery list, give me the money and send me on my way. She knew that if she went to the store she would spend more money and get things not on her list and spend HOURS there, but that if I went, list in hand, I would come home with everything on her list, in the brand she liked, nothing more! And, since I wasn’t shopping for myself I was in and out of there likity split, because what the hell did I need to browse the store for when it wasn’t my money?

I am a fast shopper, I know where things are (mostly….I can’t seem to find the olives in a can when my husband wants them) and I have my list of things and I do my best to get in and out as soon as possible.

I am going to teach you all how to properly shop at the grocery store; we live in America, we drive on the right side of the road, we should shop on the right side of the lane. Also, when you come to the end of a lane, please do not come barreling out of the lane, you’re going to kill someone with that damn cart! On that note, if you do not have a cart and you are walking down the aisle and you see a cart coming down the aisle directly towards you, YOU NEED TO MOVE! Do you know how heavy a cart fully loaded is to stop or even maneuver around a person! Things goes for you children, keep an eye on them and get their little butts out of the way of a moving cart. If you see someone staring around you while you are looking at another area of the shelf, they are not checking you out, they are trying to see something you are standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF, so please MOVE! Now, if you have just stopped in front of something you will be buying, grab it and move on, if not “Move bitch, get out the way”

When it comes to bagging, I want my boxed items in a bag, my bathroom items in a bag, and what ever you do, do not put anything cold with anything else but other cold items. Like milk or cheese with bread, or frozen items with soap! One should never put a cleaning item with anything else that is not a cleaning item.

For the drive home after grocery shopping, I get irritated when I have to make turns, or have to stop! Damn it, all my groceries always move in the trunk! lol

Ok, that is all for today, more couponing and money saving tips later.

What bothers you about grocery shopping? Couponing? People?


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