Product Review: The Honest Kitchen, dog treats

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December 22, 2013 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

This review is sooooo late! I am so sorry!

A while back, The Honest Kitchen had an offer of We send you free products, you blog about it and review the items. I gladly accepted, but was a complete slacker in my review, life got really busy with training at work that by the time I got home, I felt like doing absolutely nothing, and the idea of writing a review sounded daunting. But, I am happy to do it now.

The boxThe treats are long gone, well as far as the free ones they sent us anyway. But we found a local pet store that sells The Honest Kitchen and we love going there to browse and pick up more awesome treats for our babies.

I chose to review the treats, because my pups love to eat treats! The first treat we tried was Nuzzles. These treats are made with duck and cherries. They didn’t have much of a smell to them but my Beagle loved these treats! We actually bought them again from our local shop. This treat is low on calories (not that we are too worried about that with a Pit bull and a Beagle who doesn’t eat much).


The second treat we got was called Smooches. This treat is made with free-range chicken and cranberries. My pups liked this one OK, they enjoyed the duck flavored ones much more than these, and we have not made a secondary purchase of this flavor since they liked the duck more.

The pups were curious about what was in the box and they could smell it was something like noms! And they knew it was for them. The kitty cat also enjoyed having a box arrive. The kitty decided the box was very interesting. I felt bad I didn’t get the kitties anything 😦

Kitty sniffing

Since receiving the free treats, I have made the purchase of not only the duck treats a few times, but I have also purchased a sample of their dog food. I bought the product Thrive, and the product Keen. We haven’t tried these yet, but I plan on letting them have a little treat for the holidays. The food is dehydrated and you add water to it.

I like the idea of giving them softer food because the crunchy just cannot be too healthy on their teeth, that would be like humans only eating crunchy cereal all the time. I will let you know how they like the soft food once I give it to them.

Teal'c Waiting


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