Strut Your Mutt Fundraiser 2013

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September 4, 2013 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Strut Your Mutt 2012 (4)
That’s right, we are strutting our mutts again this year. We are getting a bit of a late start this year, but we are excited to announce that we will be supporting Utah FACES of SLCo Animal Services. I took the below information from the Strut Your Mutt fundraising page for the group we will be supporting.

“Salt Lake County Animal Services is a government agency that provides consistent, reliable, and professional solutions for animal related problems. We encourage responsible attitudes and actions that allow people and animals to safely co-exist.
Utah FACES is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit Corporation organized to assist Salt Lake County Animal Services in its mission to save lost and abandoned animals and eliminate the need for the euthanasia of adoptable animals.

Your donations with help us eliminate euthanasia by:

Funding spay and neuter programs
Purchasing an x-ray machine for the shelter’s clinic

Aiding in animal rescue transport
Helping with grooming transport so adoptable animals will look their best
Funding microchip and vaccination programs

Your donations also support a number of important programs:

Animal Placement: This program supports adoption and rescue, as well as special-focus programs such as the Pit Crew and Cat Crusaders.

Medical and Clinic: As a county agency, Salt Lake County Animal Services has limited resources to help animals that come into the shelter with serious illnesses or injuries. Your donation can help change the lives of many of these needy animals.

Outreach and Education: Your donation can help us spread the word about the proper care and treatment of animals.”


Strut Your Mutt 2012 (50)


We have set our goal at $250 this year, but we really hope to beat our $500 from last year, but since we are getting such a late start this year, we have lowered our goal.

There are so many animals that need our help and support, and we would love for you to help us out again this year. We want to thank you all for your help last year, and we appreciate any help you can give us again this year, and remember your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Please click this LINK to donate to the cause.


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