Spare Bedroom turned Teen Dream Room Part 3

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July 25, 2013 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Cute Saying She Can Take With HerWe have already talked about how the room was before and I told you about the problems with the room before and during this remodel. Today, we get to some of the fun stuff…SHOPPING! Yes, I may have a problem, but I freely admit it 🙂

In order to begin a remodel, you have to have a plan on what the room will look like when it is done. You have to know a basic idea of what type and color of furniture you will have in the room as well as a basic idea of the decor. Now, we went back and forth on the furniture color in this room. We knew there wasn’t going to be wood colored furniture, but we took a bit to decide between black furniture and white furniture. This is a big decision and had to be made early on because I also needed to buy decor like picture frames and shelves. If we went with black furniture, I was going to need black frames and shelves. i wanted things to match in a way but also accent each other.

We went with white furniture, some of the style is bright white, like the white on the walls, but the furniture is more of a country white along with the furniture style is a bit of that country white style. The room is designed for a girl who is 12 years old, she loves music and color. She is also very fond of organization.

Throughout the process of planning this new room for her, I showed he many pictures of rooms, I am talking in the hundreds. Have you ever heard of a website called Well let me tell you, I have liked about a million pictures of different rooms on the app I have downloaded on my tablet. It is an amazing website. Anyway, I showed her tons of pictures, and some times I would just ask “What do you like about this room” and most often the answer would be “I like how organized it is” or “I like the shelves and storage”. Some times she would like the colors and the designs, but mostly it was the organization. So I knew I needed to make sure her new room had some organization in it.

This is were the awesome shopping comes in. The first thing we bought when the shopping began was the headboard.The Headboard She wanted a twin size bed, we went with a nice white headboard with a rounded shape and the country look of slats. Once that purchase was made, we needed to find a desk, a desk chair, a night stand, a book case, a closet organizer, and something else. The something else was supposed to be an awesome chair from IKEA, but when we looked at the chair, it was made for a toddler, so I had to come up with something else. We got the headboard for a steal, also free shipping, from a website

In the meantime, hubby and I looked for desk chairs and night stands on line, and decided that anything we wanted was way too expensive for something new, and anything we saw at the many yard sale we looked at was either way too yuck, or not worth it. So, as I believe I mentioned earlier we told the in laws and they had the perfect solution to both problems. We have a free nifty desk chair that I repainted and put a new cushion on the seat and new fabric, as well as an older night stand with a fresh coat of white paint.Night Stand

We went back and forth on the desk idea, I knew becoming a teenager soon and going into junior high, this girl needed a desk, nothing too fancy, something large enough to hold a laptop and a book. I came up with an idea on a built in desk, but it just wasn’t feasible in the space, especially since teenage girls like to rearrange their rooms all the time. So we found an awesome white desk that was just the right size at Target.

Refurbished Chair

We went to Ikea for a lot of the shopping. At Ikea we went looking for a closet solution, a book case, the curtain rods that we thought would be totally awesome for a teenager, especially because we can so easily change out the fabric as well as change the curtains with regular fabric cut to size.

The book case we got was the Expedit shelving unit with four square cubbies. For the closet we got the Expedit with five cubbies standing tall. I love the Expedit line at Ikea, it is so versatile and comes in many different sizes to fit anything you might need. For the curtain rod, this was kind of a pain in the butt, we wanted the rod with two rows to slide curtains back and forth, but they only sell one with one row or one with three rows. So we went with the three row one. Funny thing about Ikea though, sometimes they sell the stuff all together with everything you need to do whatever you need, other times, like in the case with these curtains, you have to buy everything individually. In this case we needed three rods, and the hooks to attach them to the wall or in our case the ceiling. We went with the Kvartal triple curtain rod, along with the ceiling attachments.

Bookcase and Closet Unit

We went with a basic book shelf with four cubbies, something not too big, and not too small, aw hell it’s a Goldie Locks room lol. Anyway, as for the closet we could not decide for quit a while on what to do. We knew she needed a rod to hang the clothes on, as well as shelves for clothes and other storage because she was not going to be having a dresser (she doesn’t have enough clothes at our house right now, nor enough room in the room for a full size dresser) so we needed a place for pants and pajamas, an socks and other things that don’t get hung up. While wandering through the Ikea store, we saw a few things that would work out and we went with yet another basic book shelf type unit for the closet shelves. We went with this idea because this book case has accessories you can purchase that are little inserts to make drawers and even little filing cabinet type things. It really is ingenious.

At Target, we picked out a cute bedding set; comforter, sheets, and pillow cases. We also got a cute bed skirt. We also got some shelves, a cute purple rug, picture frames, and a lamp for the night stand. We also got some cubbie drawers for the book shelf and closet units, as well as some smaller ones for the night stand. And of course a trash can for next to the desk, and a laundry basket. We got some really good deals at target, a lot of the stuff was on clearance which I am so totally great with 🙂 especially if it is just what you are looking for!Bedding and Rug

We also got some cool stuff at Shopko; a cute little cube that says “Whatever it is, I didn’t do it”, and a Bluetooth speaker that is super awesome! And some desk supplies, along with hangers, because you need hangers!

Desk Stuff

Desk Stuff


I made a lot of purchases online through Amazon as well. I got some picture frames, and a cute little pencil holder. I also found an awesome light switch cover that says “Keep Calm and Sing on”, since she loves to sing and it is in a beautiful purple that goes perfectly in the room. One purchase I made on Amazon is one that was the best deal. I decided that since all the mirrors in our house are fairly tall and teenage girls like to see what their outfits look like from head to toe, I knew she needed a standing mirror. I looked on ksl and other websites for an antique looking standing mirror that I was willing to paint white. The cheapest used standing mirror I found (that would need to be painted) was $80, and that didn’t include the paint I would need as well as the time to make it look like I wanted, but then Amazon came through for me once again. I got the bright white antique style mirror for only $40, no painting needed, and free two day shipping! Awesome deal!

$40 Mirror

We also got her some brand new books for her new book shelf at Barnes and Noble. I purchased a decorative chandelier from an awesome website called This website mostly sells dots and circles that stick to the wall, but I came across an awesome chandelier that said it could be made into a working light fixture with a light kit. So, I had my dear hubby make this into a working fixture. Really neat!

Curtains and Chandelier

At Home Depot we got the paint, paint supplies, the closet doors, the wood for framing the closet doors, the clothing rod for the closet, and the light fixture, as well as many bolts, screws, nails, and other hardware items for the room.

The most expensive purchase we made was the carpet. We shopped around a lot for new carpet, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Granite Furniture, Carpet Giant, and even online. We ended getting a carpet remnant that was a bit bigger than the size of the room and with padding and installation was just in budget.

This room was the most expensive room we have remodeled in our house to date, with the purchase of new carpet, all brand new furniture, paint, and decor, it was well worth it.


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