Spare Bedroom turned Teen Dream Room Part 2

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July 22, 2013 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Last time I showed you what the room looked like before the remodel and I told you about the structural issues we ran into with the room.

In this post, I will begin to reveal some of the awesome stuff we did in the room to help our niece feel comfortable in our home. I will discuss some prep work and some of the amazing things my husband did during the remodel.

I will also tell you all about how to get the perfect stripe almost without any bleeding, meaning perfectly straight stripes, clean lines and how to properly tape a room for painting. Remember, prep work is a pain in the ass, it takes the longest, sometimes even longer than waiting for paint to dry, but it is the most important step to any paint job you can do. Without prep work, your room will look messy and unprofessional. And if you want a professional looking paint job that you can brag about, you’ve got to prep the space.

So, first thing you have to do when painting a room is to clear as much stuff out as you possibly can, get the room as empty as it allows, in our case we needed every single thing out so we could rip up the carpet, so our room was nice and clear.

Now, what I did was clear out the room of everything, with my wonderful husbands help of course. Then I washed all the walls and grabbed my puddy and my puddy knife and of course, if you read my part one post, you will know that I also have some cardboard for those giant holes. I shoved cardboard in each hole to fill the space and then I slathered the holes with my puddy, smoothing it out as best as I could so as to limit my dreaded sanding. Since puddy needs time to dry, especially if you have big holes to fill I did this early enough so that it would be super solid by the time I began my paint job.

This project officially started on a Wednesday when my husband had a long weekend. While I was at work he fixed the cable issue, pulled the carpet back from inside the closet, framed the closet (because not only was it an odd sized opening that no door would actually fit–hence the drapes for closet doors, but it was not level), pre-drilled holes for the t.v. mount, pre-hung new curtain rods (from IKEA) added a new electrical outlet higher up on the wall for the mounted t.v., moved the light switch up half an inch (because I bought a new cover that is super adorable and too big to fit the switch where it was due to the paneling) and hung the new light fixture. He also turned a decorative chandelier I purchased into an awesome working chandelier with a light, a really awesome light I might add!Β Lastly, he removed all the carpet and padding from the room ( I suggest doing this after patch work because then you don’t end up stepping in the puddy that will inevitably fall on the floor, you can just roll it up with the carpet, unless you are not removing carpet, then you should definitely lay down some plastic before getting the puddy work done.

When I got home on Friday after work, we began the priming of the paneling and baseboards. We used Kilz primer for this evil job. That stuff is extremely nasty smelling and pretty toxic to the brain in a small room with only two windows. But, it is the best thing if you plan on painting wood paneling. Like I have said before, I do not like sanding, and I was NOT going to sand that damn paneling before priming, so we had to go with the good ol’ stinky stuff since it’s the best in the business for this job.

Wait a minute, this project unofficially started a couple weeks earlier. Sorry, have to go back a bit. We had been purchasing furniture and decorations a few weeks in advance because we knew we would really only have three full days to do this room and we wanted to have everything a head of time so when the room was done we could just decorate and not have to go out shopping. We had ordered the head board online, sweet deal $99 free shipping, can’t ask for anything better! I looked everywhere I could for two items, a desk chair in white and a night stand. Desk chairs and night stands are EXPENSIVE! If they were in the affordable range they were too small, too cheaply made, or the wrong color/design. We went yard saling…yep, we checked out yard sale after yard sale looking for something well built and paintable. We came up empty handed. But then we took a little trip to my in laws house and I mentioned yard sales and night stands and they just happened to have something I could have for free. Then hubby remembered they had given me a couple of old dining chairs. I could totally repaint one and reuppulster it to fit the room…FREE STUFF! Super! I was already going to need primer and white paint for the walls, so I used the same stuff. I bought some cute fabric and redid the seat and then used the same fabric for a cute photo pin cusion thing ( I don’t know their official name). Anyway, I did that a few weeks in advance of the actual remodel and all the furniture, decorations, and bedding sat in my office for a couple weeks waiting for a long weekend to get the job done.

Anyway, back to prep work…where was I? Oh yes, priming, but before priming, you have to tape. I suggest using FROG tape. I swear by this stuff, it reduces bleeding of the paint, it is sticky enough to stay on the wall during the paint job, but not super sticky that when you are done you end up having to pull tiny strips of tape off the wall forever. So, I taped above the paneling and around the outlets. I did not need to tape the floor by the baseboards because it was cement and carpet tack strip. I also suggest sweeping the cement floor and vacuuming near the tack strip to get all the dust and dirt and other gunk from the floor, you must have as clean and dust free environment as possible to avoid things sticking to your wet painted walls (pet hair’s a bitch to pull out of wet paint). I also sprayed spider killer around the edges of the room, better now than day of new carpet.

Then it was onto the priming. This was not an easy job. I had to prime each stripe in the paneling, the baseboards, and the chair rail TWICE as well as the paneling itself. Luckily, I would get one wall of stripes, baseboards, and chair rail done and handsome hubby used the roller to prime the actual wall part. The priming process took a total of four hours and lots of knee aching, back breaking, bending and crouching. Luckily it only needed two coats.

The next morning, Saturday, I topped off the paneling with two coats of bright white semi gloss Behr paint from Home Depot, which didn’t take too much time. Then we ripped the tape off. Then we began the painstaking process of taping the rest of the room, the ceiling, the windows, the newly painted paneling, and I began the process of prepping for the stripes. Now, I know when painting a room you are supposed to start top to bottom…meaning paint the ceiling, then the walls, then the baseboards, but I did the paneling first because it was such a long process and I really needed the primer to dry over night before I could do the top coat. So yes I did it backwards a bit, but it worked out for the best in our case.

Aw, the stripes! This was a long, difficult job, but well worth the effort. First, we decided to match the stripe widths with the widths of the paneling, so first I taped off the chair rail and the ceiling and the sides of the walls that would not be getting stipes. Then I began to measure each stripe, draw a straight level line ceiling to chair rail with a pencil, and then label each stripe with a letter. “W” for white, “L” for Lavender, and “P” for purple, this is crucial! You must do this with three or more colors of stripes so you know which stripe will be which color.

I began with white, I taped off around the stripes that would be white, making sure I taped on the pencil line and double checking it was a nice straight line with my trusty level. The I added three coats of Behr’s bright white in semi gloss. Luckily, the wall was a slightly off white beforehand so I knew which stripes were white, so when I removed the tape from the white I could tell the difference between the new white and the old.

Next I taped off for the lavender paint, again using my trusty penciled lines and level. Now, here is the secret for perfectly straight and clean lines (this goes for stripes or accent walls *when you only paint one wall and have to get into the corner and don’t want bleed through) Are you ready? Ok, you have to seal the tape to the wall, to do this you use the color that is next to the stripe you are currently painting.

Let me explain a bit, with my lavender I have a white stripe on the left and a purple stripe on the right side, so after taping, take your paint brush with white paint and paint on top of the tape you just adheard to the wall, in my case I put the white on the left side, this is inside the stripe that I will be painting lavender. Getting the white paint on the wall inside the stripe and on top of the tape. What this does is seals the tape to the wall and any paint that is going to bleed through under the tape is the color already under the tape. Then I did this with one coat of the purple paint on the right side. I did this with every lavender striped and then I painted three coats of paint inside the tape.

Then I removed the tape from the lavender and taped for the purple. I also sealed my tape to the wall only this time I painted a bit of lavender on the left side inside my stripe and a bit of white on the right side, then three coats of purple paint inside the stripe. Let me also add that since I left the ceiling white, I also sealed the ceiling area with white paint to make sure my striped were nice and level at the top, as well as on the chair rail to make sure that any bleed through would be white. I had to do this on each individual stripe. So basically, I painted a nice multicolored picture frame inside my stripes before painting the stripe….painstaking I know, but sooooooo well worth it and I will never paint another accent wall with out doing this.

When all was said and done, my stripes were beautiful and perfectly straight and I only had two or three little spots I had to touch up by hand with a small artists brush (also another secret I have for funky or texture ceilings or other small touch ups).

While I spent about 10 hours taping and painting my stripes, my wonderful husband was painting three coats of lime green paint on the rest of the walls. Now, usually I only need two coats of paint, but I had purchased rollers that were meant for smooth surfaces in order to paint the paneling and stripes without smearing the paint. In hindsight, I should have bought a regular roller for the green painted walls, it would have covered more thoroughly and in only two coats. But, we live and learn don’t we πŸ™‚

One more thing in prep work, after taping, you must cut in….what that means is going along the edges you tape with paint, ceiling, corners, around outlets, windows, baseboards or trim, all that tedious trim time work. And remember, however many coats of paint it is going to take to cover the walls, that is how many times you have to the cutting in because if you don’t do the same amount of coats of cutting in as you do on the walls themselves, you will be able to that the corners and other areas are lighter than the rest. IT WILL BE NOTICEABLE! So make sure you do it πŸ™‚

Ok, ready for some during the remodel pictures? Yeah, I thought so!

PS, the green really isn’t super neon like it looks in the pictures, just wait for the next installment to see how well it looks once the room is decorated πŸ™‚

P.S.S. As an amateur interior designer (36 college credit hours towards a degree and PLENTY of schooling) I know that bright rooms for children are not the best and most healthy rooms, I have talked about bright colors in bedrooms many times before, and they are not a good idea, bright colors stimulate the brain which hinders sleep for anyone. Thing is, my niece is almost 13, has never really had a say in any room she has had decorated and has never had a room designed and decorated with ONLY her in mind, with her choices and her likes. And really, the green isn’t all that bright once it is furnished and when the light is out the room does not glow. Yes it looks a little Kermit the Frog in these photos, or maybe a bit more yellow to some, but it truly is a beautiful color in the room, and if you could see it in person, I know you would agree that it works well. And if not…well then you can kiss my butt ;P

*I was not paid by anyone to write a review of any product in this post, I wrote what I know and what I like and did not like about products and where I got them, but if someone wants to pay me, I still have a few more rooms that could use some paint πŸ˜‰


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