Spare Bedroom turned Teen Dream Room

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July 19, 2013 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

For a while now my niece has been staying with us a couple days a week. At first we we had her sleeping in the spare bedroom turned into her room; with my old bedroom furniture, a tv on an end table and a bakers rack for shelves in a closet. Over time, we hung some posters to make it a bit more her room and less spare bedroom, but she really needed a space of her own in our home. We wanted her to have a nicely decorated bedroom that she felt comfortable in, with furniture that matched and looked nice and that was hers.

Well, we finally had the time, energy, and funds to go ahead with this project. I spent weeks gathering ideas and decor for the room, from bedding to pictures to hang on the walls. Picking furniture and paint colors. We had paint samples pinned to the walls for months to decide which colors she wanted. She finally chose a lime green, a lavender, and a dark purple. We hemmed and hawed over how to incorporate these colors together in a good way that would like nice. I told her I could do stripes, diamonds, circles, one wall each color, whatever she wanted, this also took WEEKS! She finally decided she wanted three walls the lime green, and one wall with stripes of white, lavender, and dark purple. I asked her vertical stripes or horizontal, how wide did she want each stripe, in what order she wanted the stripes.

Finally we decided that since we were also going to be painting the wall paneling from 70’s brown paneling to country white paneling we would match the size of the stripes with the lines on the paneling. Each stripe of paneling is a different size so there are some that were four inches, some were six, and some were as big as 12 inches wide.

In the room, we also had dark pink, mauve if you will, carpeting, along with a lovely brass 70’s light fixture. I wonder why it was all 70’s looking since the house was built in 1982, but whatever, it was totally 70’s. The light fixture was an octagonal shape with tinted glass. The thing was hideous and I am very glad that thing went immediately into the trash can.

We had some difficulties with this room remodel but we got extremely lucky along the way. Problem #1, the closet; since the room was unfinished when the house was built (previous owners had to build the bedroom and the bathroom themselves in order to have them) the walls were not framed by professionals. Now, I am no professional when it comes to framing up a room, but I sure know how to measure and make sure things are level, the previous owners may not have known how to do that….

Problem #2, they used to have an antenna on the roof. Back in the day before cable and satelite and that fancy stuff, a persons home had to be equiped with an antenna on the roof and a wire going into the house to plug into the television to watch the basic stations (along with bunny ears). The problem came that they no longer needed that wire, they left the wire sticking out of a hole in the paneling. Well we sure fixed that, although not in the way it should have been fixed, i.e. fixing the paneling, we covered it up with a face plate. Hey, at least there isn’t just a hole in the wall anymore. Have you ever tried to match 1970’s paneling to patch a one inch by three inch hole? No? Well, it’s not easy, and I was done trying to figure it out.

Problem #3, this problem goes along with problem #2 in that once the antenna was no longer needed and a satelite dish was purchased and installed into the house, the wires from that and the cable needed to come into the house. Now, I understand why they decided to run this wire into the side of the house in the bedroom and THEN run it into the living room; that side of the house is foundation and make the wires coming into the house in the center of the wall and who really wants a random black wire jutting out into the middle of a wall? Well, we have a cabinet that is just high enough in our living room that covers it up. So, we had a friend come over who used to install this kind of wire. He drilled a new hole about 8 inches to the left on the outside of the house, pulled the old wiring out of the bedroom and fed it through to living room where it should have been in the first place. Let me just tell you, the original wiring came into the middle of the wall in the bedroom, went down to the floor on the outside of the wall and into the wall at the baseboard that is shared with the living room. This was so the living room could have television. What an oddity if you ask me. Well, that is all fixed now, and all we had to do was puddy a few holes smaller than the size of a dime in the walls and the paneling, easy enough 🙂

Problem #4, now this problem is something we have been running into throughout the entire house. I don’t know what I can really say about this problem, mostly because it is the most annoying problem and such an odd thing that just boggles my mind, but here it goes. The previous home owner hung pictures, now I know that isn’t odd, everyone hangs pictures, but let me just tell you, I swear every picture she hung was hung with a screw large enough to hold an anvil! Not only that, they are all used with the biggest wall anchors I have ever seen! Done because they were not on a stud. I swear, I unscrewed a screw that hung a picture that weighed may 5 ounces and the screw was literally three inches long! The problem is that the anchors used with these screws are not the nice ones that come out easily when you take the screw out. Nope, these anchors stay in the wall! Until you DIE! I needed needle nose pliers to unscrew each and every anchor out of the wall and it left giant holes in the walls, to which I needed to patch. Luckily I have a patching secret…it may not be the right way, but it does the job and looks good. I will tell you the secret, I shove cardboard into the hole in a ball or rolled formed. I make sure it fills the hole for the most part and I make sure it is flush with the wall. Then I use wall puddy to fill the space that’s left, I also make sure to use just enough to cover the hole and make it solid, but not enough that I have to to a lot of sanding. I HATE sanding. I smooth the puddy out as best I can so a quick sanding job is all that is needed, if any! Trust me, try it on your next screwed hole ;P

So those are all the problems structurally in the room, well other than the walls not being straight, but I will come back to that when we discuss the actual paint job,

And now, some before pictures of the room…go ahead, let me know how awful it is, I can take it. Do you know why? Because it will never look like that again!

Check back later for some “during remodel” tips, tricks, secrets, frustrations, and of course more pictures.


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