Kelly Ripa say what?????


October 9, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

This morning on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa asked “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”

Being that October is Pit Bull Awareness month, I am disturbed that Kelly Ripa is so unaware of the truth of Pit Bulls especially for being a huge animal lover as she claims to be. They say “An education is a powerful thing” I think Miss Ripa should visit some Pit Bull advocacy groups and educate herself on the truth about Pit Bulls.

Teal’c the American Pit Bull/Engish Pointer asks “Kelly said What?”

To learn more about Pit Bulls, please visit,,


2 thoughts on “Kelly Ripa say what?????

  1. I agree that her comments were uninformed. 100%. But I think that a lot of the pit bull advocates who are leaving mean comments on her FB page are adding to the conflict. Does what she said suck? Yes. But she obviously wasn’t meaning to be mean, she is just misinformed on the breed, and a kind but assertive response (i.e. sending her photos of our sweet pitties or encouraging her to meet a pittie in person) will go a lot further to change her opinion than telling her she is stupid. (I am not saying that YOU personally are doing this – just what I am noticing on the interwebz today!) 🙂

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