Beaglopolis and Pitlantis Part 2


August 31, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Here is the story of our first Pit Bull. I had taken that Saturday off from work and my husband and I decided to wander some shops and look at furniture and other stuff. We also decided that we wanted to stop for lunch. There is this amazing sandwich shop inside a gas station so we went go have lunch, when we drove by we noticed the sandwich shop was not open, bummer!

Since the place we want to eat lunch at was closed, my husband suggested we go over to the humane society since we were nearby. He had made this suggestion a few times before, because we LOVE to visit the animals, and give them loves. So we ended up at the humane society to visit some animals and give them loves.

We wandered the kitties, saw this adorable little guy. Look at those gorgeous eyes! I shall name him Señor Gorgeous Eyes, I know, very original. We wandered the small dogs in the individual cages, and moved on to the bigger dogs.

There were some Pit Bull type dogs that were very sad, some that were very reactive (jumping and barking at the doors), and some that were very shy and timid. Boy I felt so bad for all of these dogs, even the other breeds of dogs, but for some reason (who am I kidding it was because of the blogs I follow) I kept looking at all the Pit Bull type dogs. There were SO many! They were all different shapes and sizes. They were different colors, different sexes, and different temperaments.

And then…at the very end of the cages, there he was! My husband saw him first. He was chocolate brown and white, much like the famous SNICKERDOODLE (that’s a link to one of my favorite posts about The DUDE). He was seven months old, weighing in at 32 pounds. Skin and bones and beautiful sad, literally, puppy dog eyes, and a yellowish stained tail. 

He had puppy energy inside that cage. Asking us to give him some love. His name was Donner. He had been in a foster home for about a month, but the foster home had too many fosters and could not keep him. His sign had said he was potty trained, was six months old, had been fostered for a time, but had spent the last month in the cold cement fenced kennel.

We tried to walk around to the other side of the kennels to see some other dogs and he would not let us go, he was so cute, giving puppy eyes and whimpers. So we asked if we could take him for a walk. When we went to get a leash, another couple was looking at him too. We took him for a walk.

As soon as we got outside he peed on the sidewalk. He must have known to do it outside, but couldn’t wait to get to the grass. We weren’t outside for more than 15 minutes when we decided we needed to go home and get Teyla and bring her back to meet this new guy and see how well they got along. The day was Saturday July 21, 2012.

We went back into the building and told the lady at the counter that we wanted to get our dog and bring her back to see how well they got along together. She pulled up his file and found out he had been a foster. She went to speak with the lady in charge of fostered dogs. She came back and told us we could take him home with us right then and do a one week trial to see if the two dogs were meant to be together.

We filled out some paperwork, did the kitty test, and we were done! We got into the car and just look at the change in his face.

We started calling him Teal’c (from Stargate) as soon as we got into the car. We drove home, and Teal’c and Teyla met for the first time!

They played for a while.


Then they were tired.

We went to Petco, bought him a collar, a leash, a bowl, and some puppy food. He scarfed his food down so quick, that we started using the KONG Wobbler to slow him down. He knew how to sit, and lay down. He knew how to shake our hands. Teyla was happy to have a friend to visit. Little did she realize that he might be around for a while.

Our official adoption date was Wednesday July 25, 2012. But he was ours the day we put him in the car!



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