My Part in the Olympics

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August 15, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

When my city had the Olympics in 2002,  Winter Olympics Salt Lake City, UT, I thought it was pretty awesome. I even went to the huge party downtown when they were announcing if we were going to get the Olympics. I even went to the ground breaking for the Olympic Speed Skating Oval. For days after the announcement of our city hosting the 2002 Olympics , I sang Queen’s “We are the Champions”. I even have a box of 2002 Winter Olympics Games stuffed animals, one of each of the Olympics animals in two different sizes.

During the first week of the 2002 Olympics, I rode the trax downtown for some of the after party events. I love to watch the figure skaters, I even have my own skates, and had a membership at the Oval for a few years before the Olympics even came. When I was in high school, I was driving to school one day and I witnessed the falling of the Oval, to which they had to rebuild. Yes, they had to build the Oval twice, because the first time part of it fell. It was kind of crazy to see it happen.

This year, the summer Olympics just has not appealed to me. Even four years ago when swimming was all the rage, and everyone was super excited about that excellent American swimmer, Michael Phelps, winning all those gold medals, I wasn’t all that interested either. Today, with social networking, I scrolled through reading about the Olympics, rather than watching them. I read some posts, but not many. My work schedule doesn’t allow me much night time, or even day time, television watching. So, I never even watched a single Olympic event this year. But I am kind of ok with that. Especially since I got the basics from Facebook posts, and status updates, and even from Twitter. Not to mention all the people at work talking about the Olympics, I felt that I had all the information I needed about the Olympics for the year.

I guess, basically I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer Olympics. now, don’t get me wrong, I think the Olympics are a great thing. It brings our country together, as well as bringing the world together in a way, but to be perfectly honest, I think we as Americans should be out doing those events, like kayaking and skiing and ice skating, basically getting all that exercise we are all excited about, rather than sitting on our butts at home watching other people do those things. I think that we would be better suited to watching those things if we were actually out there doing those things too. Maybe we could take a break from doing those things ourselves to watch others kick butt at them, and then have our own hopes and dreams about becoming one of those people on the television we have all been watching these last couple weeks. But instead, we sit home watching people do these things that most of us don’t even think about attempting, and then we Facebook or Tweet them for our friends to see.

The question on the daily post asked if social media has changed how I view the Olympics, and I guess my answer is partly yes, and partly no. Yes because I didn’t feel the need to watch them myself with all the updates I saw on Facebook, and no because even without those updates, I don’t think I would have watched them this year anyway. Maybe I will post again when the Winter Olympics start and I can watch those awesome figure skaters in action!

So here is a little challenge for everyone out there, get out there and Do what you saw on television, or at least give it a try, or even something as simple as taking an extra long walk, and not just through the halls of the mall 🙂

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