Dresser Reorganization at its Finest

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July 6, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I got off work early yesterday, and usually when that happens I end up going home and doing nothing, maybe some snacking and television catch-up, but usually I am sitting on my behind; and that is how my evening started, but I read a freshly pressed post about decluttering and organization, you can check it out HERE. While I enjoyed the post a lot, one thing stuck into my head…the blogger posted a link to a video about how to fold clothes. I know, I know, sounds silly, but I watched the video and you know what? It did change my life, or at least changed my dressers! Watch the VIDEO, you’ll thank me!

I started with our hall closet. While this wasn’t a part of the video, it did need to be reorganized. I folded the fitted sheets again, and they even fit better and looked nicer. I have always known how to fold a fitted sheet, but usually I am in more of a hurry, and don’t always do a nice perfect job, but since I wasn’t in a hurry, I made them look pretty. By refolding my towels, blankets, and sheets, I actually made room for more, which meant I had an extra shelf, and I had only pulled out 2 towels for donation to our local animal shelter (by the way, that is the best thing to do with old towels, DONATE them to the doggies, they need them more than your trash can does!!!).

So back to the dresser reorganization. By now, you should have watched the video, and  here you will see a before and after picture of each drawer (except the before picture my undies drawer, because I didn’t think I would blog about this until I was done and I LOVED how it turned out). Once I had done my drawers, I moved on to my husbands, and they look great!

You will notice that my husband’s drawers are organized a bit differently than mine, but this way he can see all his shirts at once. He went from 3 full drawers of clothes to 3 half filled drawers of clothes. (behind the shirts there is empty space, but I think we will find things to put in that space.) As you can see in my drawer of shirts, I went from 1 full drawer to 1 half filled drawer.

So here you go, before and after photos.

Before Photos:

I learned and loved many things about this little reorganization, but 2 things I enjoyed the most, I can see all my shirts now without moving them around and destroying the stacks to reach one specific shirt, and the other great and wonderful thing; I learned how to fold a thong! 🙂


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