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June 27, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I am re-blogging this because I am appalled at this! I would never, could never do this to my babies! (the dying and cutting…hats and shirts are ok lol)

Chronicles of Illusions

I am a pet owner.

And I love my animals looking good.

This means I brush them, bath them if they roll in gross things. I feed them good healthy food. I walk the dog to keep her exercised (both physically and mentally). I play with them. I have a second mortgage to pay their vet bills (you think I am kidding?).

I have put funny hats on Chevvy, much to her dislike.

She even has a cute T-shirt to wear when it gets colder.

Not that I would evertry that with the cats…they both have quick reflexes and sharp bits.

So…I do what I can to keep them at their optimum.

But…there are some places I will NEVER go. And for good reason.

When I first these…I laughed. Thought it was funny.

It is the latest craze in China.

To turn your pet in to a wild animal…

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