And The Winner Is…


June 22, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

When my husband and I were dating, he broke his foot and wasn’t allowed to do much. Our friend lent us his DVD collection of Stargate: SG1. All ten seasons, and we watched every episode. When that was over we watched Stargate Atlantis, and I loved that one even more.  AND THEN!!! Stargate Universe was advertised, and when it started we watched it too.

When the husband proposed and the wedding planning began, there were many ideas thrown around, including having the groomsmen walk me down the aisle in full Goa’ould garb with staff weapons and all. We put much thought into our wedding cake topper.

The Coasters
Image from Amazon

We thought about doing a Stargate on the top of the cake, so much so that I bought the Stargate Replica Coasters. As it turned out the little people I purchased were too big and the Stargate too small to work, and we couldn’t figure out a nice way to have it stand on the top of the cake. Now, we just use the coasters as they are.

But, we knew we wanted a hint of Stargate to be a part of our wedding. One day, I decided that I would make the groom’s cake and that it would be The Stargate! First, I made a test one, and it turned out pretty damn well, if I do say so myself, and made the actual groom’s cake the day before the wedding, it even had all 39 chevrons (though they were difficult with frosting, they were all there). At our wedding, our bridal party walked down the aisle to music from The Princess Bride. I walked down to the “Bridal March (here comes the bride)” by Jonathan Cain. Our recession music was the opening theme song to Stargate. It was beautiful, and so fitting for us 🙂

The Groom’s Cake I made

We have seen Stargate all the way through 3 and 1/2 times and are working our way through Atlantis for the second time. We love it, and I even found a Stargate Replica Mirror that I REALLY want. Needless to say, you could call us fans.

After we got married, we got a dog, and since we love Stargate so very much, we named her Teyla Emmagen, from Stargate Atlantis.

Teyla Emmagan

Now, on to the real reason for this post…

A few months ago, I stumbled across a blog post about Atlantis and began to follow the blogger. After a while, it came to my realization that the blogger was an actual writer for all three Stargate Series’. I was astonished, and super excited, and now my husband and I both follow this blogger.

Joseph Mallozzi, is a writer, producer, comic-booker, blogger, as well as many other things, including the dad to some super cute dogs 😉 Joe has been recapping Stargate Atlantis these last few weeks, and they have been coinciding very closely to the episodes my husband and I have been watching. It has been extremely fun reading about the series from someone who was there! One of my favorite posts was a few weeks ago about choosing the actors. You can read that HERE.

Last week, Joe posted a poll about your-favorite-stargate-mid-season-two-parter-and-win. I entered my choice, told him why I thought it was the best, My comment can be seen in the comments section of that post, and crossed my fingers in the hopes I would win. The grand prize; a signed script of one of the episodes from the poll.

My favorite blog post by Joe was posted on June 20, 2011 with dark-matter-and-me-at-comic-con-take-a-breather-with-jelly-winners-of-the-greatest-mid-season-two-parter-in-stargate-history-contest/, my favorite part is that I was one of the winners!

Yesterday morning I woke up to this email in my inbox:

The Winning Email

It says “Greetings from the Pegasus Galaxy! You won! Now we need to get you that script! Please send me a snail mail address and I’ll have the wraith deliver it next week when they’re culling your neighborhood.  Joe”

I proceeded to dance around the house singing “I Won, I won, I won, I won” and my husband laughing at me. I told him he won too, because he will get to enjoy it too! So next week, I will be checking the mail every day waiting for my signed copy of the script from the episode “The Eye” (season 1, episode 10). When I get it, you can bet your ass I will be watching that episode again 🙂 And of course I will take a picture or 10 of it 🙂


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