Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection


May 13, 2012 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I never seem to have my camera around when a good reflection shot is available, but here’s one of a recent craft project for my laundry room that shows my reflection.

If you’d care to join in this weeks unofficial weekly photo challenge please visit http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/



8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

  1. ailsapm says:

    Very fun, Perfectly Imperfect, how very crafty! If you have a chance, can you publish a link to the challenge page in your post so that I can publish a pingback to it? It makes it easier for others to find your entry in the comments stream, which is growing by the hour! The link is http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/
    Thanks for joining the photo challenge party! šŸ™‚

  2. Fun take on the challenge!

  3. ailsapm says:

    Wonderful, Perfectly Imperfect, I’ve just published a pingback into the comments stream so others can find you, Yaay, thanks for joining in the challenge! xxx Ailsa

  4. clever idea for a memory box

  5. ailsapm says:

    Hi Perfectly Imperfect One, I just put up another photo challenge and would love you to join in! Pass it on, everyone’s welcome. xxx Ailsa http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/05/18/summer/

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