DIY: Curtains

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May 16, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Sunday, all day, I made new curtains for our dining room.

Before Curtains

After Curtains

Before we moved in, the previous owners apparently loved the colors of Christmas, Red, Green, and yes GOLD! BLAH! lol We love the red but not the green and gold. We changed the gold walls in the master bed and master bath to red, and today, I changed the green curtains in the dining room from green to tan. Before our house warming we changed the green blinds and flowery fru fru valance about the sink to a nice tan valance with coffee pictures to match our kitchen decor. Now, the only green item left in the ENTIRE house, the counter tops in the kitchen! I am so happy that is all that is left, and one day in the distant future, those green counter tops will turn into nice granite counter tops, in either a nice black type color or a nice tan color. (neither picture is for sure, just ideas).

Possible counter top idea

Possible counter top idea


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