(Perfectly Imperfect) Engagement Story


February 26, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

My Pretty Ring

Actually, it was the perfect engagement, and I am now going to tell you all about it. My honey may have to post a comment to correct me if anything is wrong, so check back for that comment.

On Sunday February 13, 2011 we were driving from my mom’s house to the laundry mat to do our laundry when we saw an open house sign. I asked T.J. if we could go look at it after we dropped our laundry off at the laundry mat. He said ok, YAY! So after looking around the house and falling in LOVE with immediately and seeing that it was an AMAZING price, we went back to the laundry mat to finish our laundry. On Sunday night I emailed our real estate agent about the house Monday morning I called our new loan officer and started the loan process to see if we could even get the house, all while Regina was putting together an offer, and Monday evening we signed the paperwork to make an offer on the house. On Wednesday morning, they made a counter offer, and we had planned on making another counter offer, but then they got another offer on the house so they canceled their counter offer to us, but we decided to take their offer so we signed the paperwork.

Wednesday was a stressful day thinking about if they were going to accept our offer or go with the other one, all day I was waiting for a call from Regina to find out about the offer. She said they would be meeting with their agent at 5:30PM and she would call us after she knew anything. Needless to say I was freaking out all day! I randomly sent T.J. texts to see if he had heard anything yet. He said Regina would call us about 7PM that night.

After work I called T.J. and talked with him while I was driving back to the tax office. I was craving soup and spaghetti-o’s, but there is no coup drive through place, I told T.J. that and I told him I was going to get some at the 7-11 but that I didn’t have a can opener and since we are waiting to buy a house I couldn’t afford to buy the expensive cheapo can opener available at the gas station. He said he would bring me soup, and I asked for spaghetti-o’s instead and asked if he could bring that and the can opener. He said YES, and that he would see me at about 6:30PM.

I waited at the tax office talking with my cousin until T.J. showed up with my dinner, yummm!! After eating I felt really nauseous about the house and joked that I would go throw up and be right back, I didn’t, but I did have to go rinse my mouth (wisdom tooth removal). Apparently while I was rinsing T.J. asked Trent to go so we could talk, I had no idea he had done this.

He went to Jared 🙂

When I came out of the bathroom Trent was leaving, and once he left I told T.J. I had the urge to sit in his lap and cuddle until we found out about the house. Every time my phone made any noise, email or text I reached for it quickly to see if Regina had emailed or sent me a text. NO! So then I decided that ya know what, even if they go with the other offer we are preapproved and we can go look at other houses like we had planned. So I told him that and he hugged me and said ” I love you baby, and if we get this house or a different house, I want to live with you and spend the rest of my life with you” all while hugging me, and I just smiled because that was the first time he had said that to me, and I kind of hmmm’ed a little bit. Then he pulled back away from me and our hug and reached into his leather coat pocket while getting down on bended knee, he pulled out a cream little box and opened it and said “Will you marry me?” As I stood there, eyes agape, filling with tears, hands to gaping mouth, looking down at the love of my life and this beautiful ring he was offering me. And I said “Oh my god, are you fucking kidding me? Yes, of course I will marry you!” And I knelt down looking at the ring and kissing him, I had taken the box in my hand and then I said “You have to put it on” and I handed the box back to him and he placed it on my left hand.

We kissed about a million times and hugged and I bawled like a baby 🙂 All while smiling the biggest smile I have ever had in my entire life. Then we both stood up and he reached into his inside coat pocket and said “I have an engagement present for you too” as he handed me an envelope he said “we got the house!” I am surprised I didn’t faint or puke all over the place LOL.

He finally sat down and so did I, looking at my new ring, and he told me all about it, but I wasn’t really listening because I was staring and the ring and the house papers. Then I asked him who he told and he said he had to tell Regina and Heidi so they wouldn’t tell me about the house, and that he told Jerry on his way out the door. I asked if he had told his parents yet, he shook his head and I asked if he wanted to call them and he nodded emphatically.

We proceeded to call EVERYONE, which took a long time, everyone squealed, some cried, and everyone was really happy 🙂 After we called everyone, we sat down and relaxed and then I squealed.

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4 thoughts on “(Perfectly Imperfect) Engagement Story

  1. TJ says:

    I love you baby. :0 You have made me a very happy and lucky man.

  2. The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

    I love you too baby. 🙂 You are so wonderful and I am lucky to have you 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    What a story! Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys. The ring is gorgeous (“He went to Jared!”)

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