I love my readers, but really?


February 23, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I decided to look and see what kind words were used to find my blog, rather what word brought my blog up for visitors to read, and here is the list;

Search Views
pink prison 3
friendship bracelet horizontal rows 2
friendship bracelets made from string 2
friendship bracelet tying 2 2
friend bracelets 2
banana foster 2
steps to make a friendship bracelet 2
blurry worst fashion pictures 2
maricopa county az 2
making bracellet 2
cream liqueur for rum lovers 2
how to make friendship bracelets 2
funky work uniform 2
spider cobwebs 1
utah traffic laws on right hand turns at a stop light 1
mashed potato muffin recipes 1
make bracelets 1
chinese staircase bracelet 1
beer cap christmas ornament 1
iam perfectly inperfect 1
prison wear 1
prison tents 1
funny sheriff 1
stripped inmate uniform small 1
poems about i hear your words guide me through 1
how to make bottle cap ball 1
what can you do with bottle caps 1
calvin et hobbes new year 1
5 steps to make friendship band 1
step to making a friendship bracelet 1
how to make a bracelet out of string 1
moment of truth lisa scottoline book club questions 1
pronounce forte 1
what privileges do prisoners have 1
all county security uniforms 1
bananas foster image 1
choose correct friendship colours 1
chicken, crescent rolls, baking stone 1
“her mother” soap mouth 1
do prisoners have too many rights 1
can you make blankets out of friendship bracelets 1
we’re engaged 1
does the first amendment have too many rights 1
friendship bracelets round 1
perfectly imperfect crafts 1
do any prisions in az have medical yards 1
friendship bracelets how to make? 1
easy to make friendship bracelets 1
nice pick up line mickey’s bottle cap 1
meatloaf mashed potatoe muffins 1
little bottle beer caps 1
clue secrets and spies activity cards 1
chicken and broccoli and cheese crescent ring 1
5 list of not doing while driving 1
perfectly imperfect poems 1
funny black and white inmate uniform 1
wat do u do while driving 1
how to make bracelets out of thread 1
make an exam about how great serial killer am i 1
beer caps 1
perfectly imperfect poem 1
fun facts of the week 1
bananas foster flame 1
inmate underwear 1
boondoggle bracelets 1
meatloaf muffins with mashed potato 1
do you think prisoners have too many rights 1

As you can see the blog post that gets the most views is about making friendship bracelets. My favorite on would have to be the one where someone typed in “make an exam about how great serial killer am i” Really? Someone wants to know that? And wordpress or google decided that my blog is the best one for that idea? Interesting LOL  I also like the one that says “her mother” soap mouth. Now, these results are just for the last week and what people typed in and found my blog. Like I always say, some people’s kids 🙂

What funny things have brought people to your blog?


2 thoughts on “I love my readers, but really?

  1. Ashlee Schwartz says:

    That’s really crazy. You will have to tell me how you did that.

    • The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

      Since I blog with wordpress they give me all the stats like how many people view my blog each day and how they got to it.

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