Sleepless after Surgery

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February 12, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One


Just so you remember, I don't always look like crap

As I lay in bed on the second night after I had SIX wisdom teeth removed, my eyes blurry and little to no pain in my face, I recall the last few days.


On Wednesday night, I had to fast, couldn’t eat anything past midnight in preparation for wisdom tooth extraction on Thursday morning, the problem with fasting is that you KNOW you are not allowed to eat anything, and that is when you are the most hungry and craving everything on t.v., and the t.v. was so not my friend Wednesday night. It seemed as though every commercial was a food commercial and every food was something I wanted more than anything. Arg!

Thursday morning I woke up at about 7:30 AM and got ready to have my wisdom teeth out after 3 long years of pain and constant jaw aches. As I was riding in the car with my wonderful boyfriend who was so nice to take( me to the butcher (jk, the dr was AMAZING), I had my last cigarette I will have for at least 4 days to 2 weeks, and hopefully longer, cuz I can save  a lot of money if I do really quit.

As we pulled up to the doctor’s office I got even more nervous about the surgery. Now, I knew for sure that I had two wisdom teeth on my bottom jaw, I had no idea I would have FOUR more on the top jaw. Anyway, we went inside and the lady at the counter asked my name and asked me if I was ready, I immediately said UH NO and shook my head. She giggled and took my paperwork, T.J. cuddled up behind me kissing my head and humming to me, it made me feel really good and it was a great comfort, thank you again my love. You always know just what to do to make feel better. As I sat down and waited for the x-ray, he and I talked about him going to get a bagel. Then another lady came out and asked if I was ready for my x-ray, UH NO! lol. Went back with lady and had a panoramic x-ray. She said I was very understanding and that she loves when people understand exactly what she needed them to do. Woohoo go me! Once that was done I go sit down with my honey again and wait for the x-ray to be done, which it was within only a few moments. The secretary lady called me over after she exclaimed oh my, I guess you do have all four teeth to be removed. I went to the desk and she showed me that the teeth on the top were sideways, well more than sideways, almost upside-down. It was insane looking. So I paid my money for all four teeth to be removed, good thing because I was a loon afterwards, but that’s for later lol

So, they call me back to the little room, I give my love my coat and purse and tell him to go get a bagel 🙂 When I get into the room there is the doctor and four women, it is an open room, which made me a little weird because it’s supposed to be surgery but ok because I know with four women and no doors there will be no fondling of me by a male doctor while I am under sedation. Anyway, one lady asks when my partner will be back, I said he just went to get a bagel and of course he’ll be back shortly, she asked for his number, and I gave it to her and said I had put it on the form as well. The doctor said he wasn’t sure it was fair that boyfriend got to go get a bagel when I haven’t eaten since before midnight. I said it was ok, I don’t usually eat breakfast anyway, and sometimes he does but sometimes he doesn’t.

My crazy teeth

The doctor then pulled out my x-ray and began to point out my wisdom teeth to me. He proceeded to inform me that #1 I waited a long time to get them removed, #2 I have some crazy teeth, and #3 I actually have 6 wisdom teeth. I have one on the bottom on each side, one on the top right side and THREE on the top left side.

The surgery only took about 20 minutes, even with 6 teeth being removed. And when I came to, I had my sweater back on, which was a little odd to me but whatever lol. I remember a wheelchair being wheeled out to T.J.’s car, and I remember him helping me put my coat on and putting me in the car. Then I remember telling him something but I don’t remember what I said, but I do remember saying “and I won’t forget cuz I’m SMART! and I don’t forget anything, even when I am all drugged up”. But I did forget. I remember texting my mom to tell her I was all done, and I think I texted someone else too but I don’t remember that either.

Me as soon as I got back into bed after surgery

When I got back to T.J.’s house he put me in bed, I don’t remember the drive nor the walk up the stairs, but I remember getting into bed and him helping me out of my clothes and back into my PJ’s, vaguely. I remember him saying he was going to the store to get my prescription and that he would be back in a few minutes. I don’t recall him coming back lol. Wait, just remembered I texted the girls and said no girls night for me that night, and I texted Hillary a little bit back and forth. Then I was asleep for a few hours. When I woke up I re-read the texts to and from Hillary, I did pretty well all drugged up until the last one which said “I sllep now loce yoy” Which was supposed to say “I’m going to sleep now, love you” but that is not what came out, apparently I was no longer coherent.

Me 13 hours after surgery

Once I woke up, I was pretty much up the rest of the day on Thursday, no pain, just hungry mostly. When I did get up, I had to change the gauze and I got really hot and sweaty and dizzy, like I do when my blood sugar drops. T.J. came in to check on me right as I laid down on the bed to pass out. He asked what he could do for me, and I said I needed food because I am going to…(I passed out right then) he got me a Jello and it took me about 20 minutes to eat it. Then I put the gauze back in and I felt great, no pain but I did have the odd sensation of not having those teeth anymore. I even got redressed. I did some homework, I watched some t.v. I did nap a little here and there after taking medication and I read a little bit of my book club book.

Friday, early morning I had some pudding around 4AM and took my pill and went back to sleep for a bit. Around 8AM when I needed to take another pill I got up, took my pill and went into the bathroom to do my first salt water rinse. While I was rinsing I felt hot and dizzy again, like Thursday, so I sat down on the toilet so I wouldn’t fall over…should have gone and laid myself back in bed because sometime later I woke up on the bathroom floor with my left leg wrapped around the toilet all funky like and killing me! Apparently I had fallen off the toilet at some point during the black out (caused by low blood sugar) and twisted my knee all funkylike and jammed my toe, on what I do not know.

All day Friday was spent hanging out in bed watching t.v., reading, and taking a nap after each pill, only 30 minute naps, but naps nonetheless. I even showered, I told T.J. to check on me every few minutes, especially after the black out and all that, he did, such a sweetheart 🙂 I even got to eat mashed potatoes, which was the first time I felt full since Wednesday night. I even left the house for about an hour with T.J..

And now, it is 2:30 AM on Saturday morning, I took a pain killer at midnight and slept for exactly ONE hour. I won’t sleep again until about 4AM when I take another pain killer. Maybe I will get more than just an hour, cuz we have some things to do this morning. Anyway, back to my book and The Nanny 🙂

Right after the fall

10 hours later

The other side


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