Final Appeal Book Review

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February 10, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Our second book in the Perfectly Imperfect book club, yeah that’s what I decided to call it cuz I am the one blogging about it, so there 😛 Anyway the book was Final Appeal by Lisa Scottoline. While I enjoyed the book, I was kind of irritated that it is a part of the Rossato & Associates series, but no Rossato, no associates, nada! But, I did enjoy the crazy guy, he was pretty funny, and I enjoyed the relationship between the main character and her daughter. That relationship made me wonder if Lisa Scottoline was writing what she knew; she was a single mother with her mother being around to raise her daughter Francesca. I thought, wow I wonder if that’s how it was and if Lisa and Francesca actually did that kind of stuff and talked to one another like that. I also really loved the dog, especially the fact that she was locked in the kitchen and kind of sad, cuz my dogs are like that, but they have easy access to the outside through the dog door. I also like that the daughter was afraid the really big dog, I thought that was cute.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but would have picked a different motive.

Since I already posted this book title's picture, I thought I'd share my doggy picture with you 🙂 Cute aren't they?


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