Plinky Question of the Day


January 27, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

A while back, I subscribed to Plinky, for a while now I have been waiting for a good topic from them, but nothing, until today.

Today’s Plinky question; If you could enact on new law, what would it be?

My answer;

Since I am almost done with my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and I just read a lot about the Sheriff in Maricopa County AZ, I have decided that my new law will have to be very similar to what that Sheriff has done for his inmates.

Picture from

Make them sleep in tents outside, make them wear funky colored shirts and underwear, make them wear the all too known black and white stripped uniforms, and make them work in a chain gang. I have no idea why any of these ever went away, but I figure it is a good idea. Make prison HELL for inmates, but also teach them how to be a productive member of society, rehabilitate them. Make them NEVER want to commit another crime again. You go Sheriff Joe, Maricopa County 🙂 Nice Job!


2 thoughts on “Plinky Question of the Day

  1. Speaking of tents, did you read about the Sedona, AZ sweat lodges? I was living in AZ at the time. BIG controversy. I enjoy your blog.
    Oh, and congrats on the Criminal Justice. That’s my BA, too, and I love it.

    • The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

      Yeah I did read something about that, thanks for stopping by and subscribing 🙂 I am liking the degree so far 🙂

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