I’ll Get You, and Your Little Dog too!


January 23, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Tuesday, I worked a 12 hour day, ok more like an 11 hour day with one hour of drive time between jobs, but whatever! When I got off work at 9PM, I had to stop at the gas station for smokes and fuel (for me and my car). While I was filling up my tank some little Hispanic woman in a 2 door convertible Sebring was pulling out of her parking stall and backed right into my parked car! She hit my car so hard, when the car moved, it actually hit me while standing next to the pump ARH!

photo from photosa.ru

As soon as I heard the lovely CRUNCH of my vehicle and felt the car hit me, I walked around the car to the side she had hit and threw my arms up in the air and screamed “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!”. The entire parking lot of people at the gas station stopped and looked at me (probably like I was some insane woman), and then they all went about their business, like nothing happened.

The woman got out of her car, looked at the two vehicles kissing like lovers, and then got back into her car. I thought she was just going to leave, and I was pissed! Alas, she didn’t leave, she just moved her car back into the stall so she was out of the flow of traffic. I walked over and assessed the damage to her car, then I asked her for her insurance information. She then looked at me wide-eyed and said “You no have insurance?” I responded “Yes, I have insurance, I need your insurance information”, she responded with “oh, ok, we call police?” I said, “Yes, we call police now” beginning to speak to her in broken English like she was speaking to me.

I gathered my insurance information and proceeded to call the Murray PD, but they did not answer and told me to call 911 for an emergency. I called 911 and the first words out of my mouth were “This is not an emergency, a woman just backed into my parked car at the gas station, and I would like an officer on the scene, please” The dispatch officer proceeded to gather information from me about what happened, made sure there were no fuel leaks or damaged property and told me to turn on my flashers. I told him “Please send an officer who speaks Spanish because she does not speak English very well.”

Once off the phone with dispatch, I called T.J., as soon as he answered the tears began to stream down my face and I could barely tell him what happened. The conversation went as follows;

Hey Babe, where are you? My phone’s gonna die.

Some stupid bitch just hit my car! (bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating)

Where are you? (slightly panicked and rushed)

I’m fine I wasn’t in the car?

Where are you?

I’m at Maverick.

I’m on my way (click).

At this point the woman is wandering around talking on the phone in rapid fire Spanish, and her little dog is running around the car. I am leaning against the building smoking like a mad woman, drying my face, and freezing my ass off. T.J. pulls up and comes over and gives me a hug, and says “Let’s go look”.

My Poor Baby 😦

We look at the damage (minimal, but I WANT. IT. FIXED). Woman walks over and informs me, “Iz my fault, I no see you, zee dog was in the window and I no see you, all I see is zee dog, I so sorry, I fix, I pay”. At this point I am thinking, really? Damn straight you fix, damn straight you pay. GRRR! But, mostly I am no longer upset, damage is small, and the dog is cute, and she said she’d pay. No worries, right? WRONG!

Her, who I assume, daughter and father show up to Maverick, and they begin to talk in Spanish.

Officer Awesome shows up, I go through the process of explaining what happened. He asks for my license, registration, and insurance information, and attempts to ask her for the same, she stares blankly at him. He asks her if she speaks English, she says “no, no Englais” I think, oh really, you spoke it ok until the cop showed up, WTH happened to the broken English you were speaking lady!

NOW, I AM IRRITATED. Officer Awesome proceeds to speak to her in Spanish! HA! Take that lady LOL. See, I am smart to ask for a Spanish speaking officer HAHAHA  in.your.face!

She does not have an insurance card, so she tries to call her husband who is at work and has not answered the phone since she hit me, to find out if they have insurance. Officer Awesome looks up her info in the computer and it tells him, nope, sorry no insurance for her. GRR, he informs me of this and says, “I really wish I could give her a ticket, she is CLEARLY at fault, but it’s private property. I hope she has insurance and it’s just not in my system” I inform him that she spoke English fairly ok and that she told me her little dog was in the window and she couldn’t see me while backing out” He looks over at her car, dog.in.window! Hmmm. “I see, still, can’t give her an at fault ticket, I’m sorry about that.”

I tell him, “I’ll be right back”. I run into Maverick, I have a thought. I will probably need the security tape, because if her insurance is not in the system, she probably doesn’t have any. I will have to bill her to fix my car, or even take her to small claims court. I tell all this to the night assistant manager and ask how long they keep the tapes on file for. He says a month, and Hell yes I can have a copy, come back tomorrow. SWEET! I go back out into the cold.

Officer Awesome informs me, he husband didn’t answer and he called in the information and indeed she does not have insurance. He gives me her information and my stuff back, asks if I have any questions. I say “No, but if you need your taxes done I am at Liberty Tax on 45th and State (he looks at me like yeah ok) I will do them for free!!!” He then says, “Liberty Tax? Where?” I tell him again, and he says “Nice, I might just do that” and then he says I can go. Then, laughingly he asks me “Do I need to move my car for you? You’re not gonna hit me are you?” “Nope, I am good, my car turns on a dime, and I don’t have a dog in the window”. Take that you! And your little dog too!

While I didn’t fall down, I was hit by my own car, how’s that for a WTH night?

The evening was followed by calling Geico, and drinking an entire bottle of wine by myself 🙂


The Perfectly Imperfect One (who knows how to drive).


2 thoughts on “I’ll Get You, and Your Little Dog too!

  1. halfwayto50 says:

    People are nuts! At least it sounds like you have a nice guy who supported you through that whole ordeal! Nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix!

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