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January 3, 2011 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

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Since I got an eBook for Christmas, and I enjoy reading and listening to books while I am at work, I came up with an idea to begin a book club. Now, for the most part this is a club that will be virtual in it’s way of working. Because times are so busy the basic idea is to get everyone to actually read. I decided that the first book on the list will be by one of my favorite authors, Lisa Scottoline. We will be reading Everywhere that Mary Went. Since this book does not seem to exist on audio ANYWHERE we will be READING it. Also, all books MUST be READ, not just listened to. If you want to listen to the book along with us, that is cool too, but the goal is read rather than to be read to. This book is available almost everywhere as well as for free at the library and for free as an eBook from the library as well. We will also be reading all of Lisa’s books throughout this book club, and she has provided a list of questions that go along with every book, which I will gladly email to you if you decide to join the book club with us. You can read the first chapter of “Everywhere that Mary Went” here.

The plan is to switch off authors and who decides the next book, so suggestions would be nice. So far in our book club we have Me, Sariene, Hillary, Krista, Jerry, and Hillary’s friend Michalene. But we are more than willing to have as many people join in the club as possible. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear your opinion about books to read and would love to hear what you think of the books we chose.

Lisa Scottoline’s Book list:

Here is the book list by Lisa Scottoline (in order) You can pick up a copy of the first book at your local library 🙂 We will begin our little book club with the Rosato & Associates series. There are 14 books;

1. Everywhere That Mary Went
2. Final Appeal
3. Running from the Law
4. Legal Tender
5. Rough Justice
6. Mistaken Identity
7. Moment of Truth
8. The Vendetta Defense (this one is my favorite one)
9. Courting Trouble
10. Dead Ringer
11. Killer Smile
12. Devil’s Corner
13. Lady Killer
24. Think Twice
Other books by Lisa Scottoline that are not part of a series;

1. Daddy’s Girl
2. Look Again
3. Why my 3rd husband will be a dog (mini stories from her column SO FUNNY)
6. My Nest isn’t empty, it just has more closet space (mini stories from her column SO FUNNY)
5. Save Me (not out until Jan 2011)

Jerry also suggested a book to me that he said was awesome, The book is called “the strain” by guillermo del toro.

So, come join the fun and pick up Everywhere that Mary Went today and let’s read 🙂

Also, send your suggestions of books to read, can’t wait to hear them.

Your friendly book worm,

The Perfectly Imperfect One


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