Children under 10 with a blog? I say NO WAY!


December 21, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

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While browsing around the blogging world, I came across a blog supposedly written by a four-year-old. I say first of all, NO WAY, and second I say, HELL NO! I think that having a blog on the internet should be limited to people over the age of, oh let’s say 13, just to be fair. Now, I understand a parent having a blog or Facebook account to post pictures about their kids and nothing else, but making either one of these for a child who, I am almost positive cannot blog, is a huge NO-NO. Can you say, pedophile? I can, and I saw a blog by a four-year-old. Now, I am not saying this mom who is pretending to speak as her daughter is a bad mom, but this was a bad idea, and she did not think about it before doing it.

Now, if the four-year-old really is writing this blog, I have to give her some major props, and I would like to wash her mouth out with soap, and beat her mother with a stick, and possibly even call child protective services on the entire family.

Major Props: The girl can write, and while using proper English and punctuation and spell Himalaya’s (I had to look at the blog to spell it correctly).

Soap in the Mouth: this girl has a horrible potty mouth, she sounds like me on a tipsy night. It’s awful!

Beat Mom with Stick: Allowing her child to have a blog and allowing that child to use such foul language is absurd and on a computer no less.

Call CPS: For all of the above reasons already given; four-year-old blogging, foul language by a MAJOR minor, and pedophiles.

Now, I gotta say, I do have a potty mouth, but I am not a four-year-old, nor am I pretending to be a four-year-old. I am an adult, and I have the right to speak as I please. Also, I don’t knock parents for writing about their kids, I just find that it pisses me off that someone would even pretend to be a child and write as a child, or if this four-year-old is blogging, I don’t agree with the parents allowing this to happen.

I have a friend who asked me one day what my opinion was about her creating a Facebook account for her 18-month-old daughter, and I told her it was not a good idea. She explained to me that the account would not be the child writing or her writing for the child, but that it would be for family to see what said child was up to, she would post pictures and mile-stones of things done. I still said it was not a good idea. My nine-year-old niece has a Facebook account, and I don’t agree with that either! Even though Facebook does not allow children’s profiles to be seen by anyone who is not on their friends list, kids don’t know any better and will accept a friend request because of some stupid reason (like a cartoon character as the picture as described in this BLOG).

In other news;

I wanted to let everyone know that December 20, 2010 was busiest blog traffic day with 49 views by 10PM, I am so proud! Now, I want to see if I can get more views in a day!

Also, I am a total of 1,790 views for the life of by blog (that would be about three years of blogging. Yeah, ok, I started out a bit slow but whatev! lol)

So, to all my readers who have found my blog, even if it was just once, I thank you! And to my die-hard fans (I know who you are and where you live winkwink), I thank you most of all 🙂


Much Love,

The Perfectly Imperfect One (hey, that’s me)


2 thoughts on “Children under 10 with a blog? I say NO WAY!

  1. bobcb518 says:

    I came across that 4 year old blogger too. It seemed like a bad idea to me. I can see maybe doing it if the child is represented by a cartoon drawing, and not an actual photograph of the child. It does seem kind of dangerous. Posting photos of kids in your own blog is one thing, but actually giving the child an almost adultlike personality allows people to become familiar with the child. And that’s not always good. Some people are crazy.

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