Aw Marriage and Divorce!


December 13, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So I have been giving this topic a lot of thought. I am a child of divorce and I have so many friends that I know that have already been married at least once and already divorced. It is sad to think that because so many people get married so young whether it be because they want out of their parents house, or because they want to have sex and their religion tells them they cannot have sex without marriage, or because they “think” they are in love, these people will almost definitely be divorced in the next few years. I found this article about the marriage and divorce rate in Utah (where I live) and thought I would share it with you all. The reason I am posting this information is because I know so many people who have made the mistake of getting married too young. My friends have already been married and divorced once, some of them are on their second marriage or divorce, while others are now on their THIRD marriage! I am almost 28 years old and I have never been married.

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Living in Utah, this makes me an old maid in so many peoples eyes. I also never plan on having children, EVER! I do not want them. I am getting ready to move in with my boyfriend of 2.5 years shortly after the new year, and we have been friends for 5.5 years. Friends first! What a concept! We are very much in love. I know that when I do get married one day, it will be my only marriage because I know who I am, and I know what I want in my life. I am mature enough, I have lived on my own. I have lived out of state, and I have a college degree. I have dated many different people and I have learned the type of person that I want to be with. I have dated good guys and bad guys, I have dated people who have treated me like a princess and people who have treated my like a stepford wife (like the movie). I am now with a MAN who loves me and treats me the way I should be treated and who respects me for who I am and loves me for all my silliness. I love him with all my heart and we are happy together. We have both experienced life and we have enjoyed the little things in life. So read this little bit of info about marriage and divorce in Utah, as well as the average age of marriage in the U.S.

A Glimpse at the Marriage & Divorce Statistics for Utah

Abstracted by David Schramm
Utah State University, Department of Family and Human Development, Logan Utah

Have you ever wondered what the status of marriage is in Utah? Do you know what Utah’s divorce rate is? The following information, taken from a report by the Center for Health Data, Office of Vital Records and Statistics entitled, “Utahs Vital Statistics: Marriages and Divorces 1999-2000” gives a variety of marriage and divorce statistics for Utah during the year 2000.

  • Utah’s estimated midyear population in 2000 was 2,246,554.
  • There were 23,896 marriages that took place and 9,604 divorces granted.
  • Utah’s marriage rate is 10.6 per 1,000 populations, well above that of the United States, which stands at 8.7.
  • Utah’s divorce rate is 4.3 per 1,000 populations, slightly higher than the United States divorce rate of 4.1.
  • Of the 23,896 marriages that took place in Utah, 17,330 (72.5%) were first marriages for both bride and groom, while 6,325 (26.5%) of them were remarriages for the bride or groom.
  • Median age at first marriage in Utah – Groom: 23 Bride: 21
  • Median age at first marriage in United States – Groom: 26.8 Bride: 25.1
  • In Utah, 77% of the marriages are performed by a religious officiant compared to 23% performed by a civil officiant. Moreover, 66% of all marriages in Utah are performed by an LDS officiant.
  • 60% of brides in first marriages have had at least one or more years of college.
  • 17.6% of the brides married in the year 2000 were less than 20 years old.
  • The month of August is when the greatest amount of marriages took place in the year 2000: 3074 marriages took place during this month.

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Divorce in Utah

  • Median age at divorce in Utah for first marriages: Husband: 31 Wife:29
  • There were 10,600 children involved in a divorce in Utah in the year 2000.
  • 18% of divorces in Utah occur in the first year of marriage (before the couple celebrates their first anniversary)
  • 50% of the divorces in Utah occur within the first 5 years of marriage and 70% by 10 years of marriage.
  • In the United States, roughly 20% of first marriages end within the first 5 years of marriage, and approximately 33% end within the first 10 years

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I have also learned that the average age for marriage for a man in 2010 is 28 years of age while the average age for a woman in 2010 is 26. Of all the research about marriage ages and the rate of divorce I have done. It says that waiting until an older age, the marriage is more likely to last because people know what they want in life, they are more financially stable, and they know who they are and that they won’t change much after they get married. While people who get married in their late teens and early 20’s, don’t know who they are and they will change who they are until about the age of 25 to 27 years old. This is the prime age at which a person knows who they are and what they want and these ideals will not change.

This average age of marriage has given me the proof I need to know that people who get married for their first time at a young age, young age in my mind is anything under 24 years of age, and in Utah a lot of the people getting married are 18 or 19 years old for girls and 19 or 20 years old for boys. YES YOU ARE GIRLS AND BOYS AT THIS AGE. Sorry, but you are not a man or a woman at this age even though you think you are. It’s just not true! Anyways….my point of this post is to inform people that divorce is happening everywhere and all the time and that too many people are getting married at a young age. So that’s it. lol Have fun 🙂

The Perfectly Imperfect One


3 thoughts on “Aw Marriage and Divorce!

  1. hillasnow says:

    I was married the first time at age 20 and divorced by age 26. I just turned 39 and have been in a relationship with my husband for almost 6 years. Married for 3. After my divorce I have always told my siblings and friends that no one should get married before 25. I changed more from age 18 to 25 than I have since. I do believe that there are exceptions to every rule but Tina is correct that you should take these facts into consideration before getting married at a young age.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree with what you and Hilary have said. Marriage is taken WAY too lightly nowadays. People are in such a rush to grow up that they don’t realize that using marriage as an expedient of growth results in unhappy, changed partners that have no skills to cope and relate. I would have gladly waited five more years to get married. But, lucky for me, I found someone who definitely had established himself financially, spiritually, personally and that is something that even age can’t dictate.

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