Top 10’s of Christmas (winter season)


November 22, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Ok people, Christmas is just around the corner, but we all must remember, it is STILL November, and we still have to make it through Thanksgiving first.

Our Christmas Tree in 2009 (Christmas Cat too lol)

So, I have a few pet peeves I need to share with everyone. They are pretty simple, and should be followed by EVERYONE! Not just everyone I know, but EVERYONE all over. Ready? Here it goes…

1) You may begin Christmas shopping whenever you feel the urge, have the money, or find the perfect give.

2) You may put your Christmas lights on your house any time AFTER Halloween.

3) You MAY NOT turn those Christmas lights on until AFTER Thanksgiving (for those who are out of country, this means at the end of November or the beginning of December. NO SOONER!

4) You MAY NOT put up your Christmas tree until after Turkey day (end of November, beginning of December).

5) You MAY NOT begin singing Christmas carols until the beginning of December (even if the stores are already playing the damn music).

6) You may have your Christmas lights turned on as much as you want through December.

7) You may NOT turn your Christmas lights on AFTER the new year.

8) You MUST take your Christmas tree down BEFORE the end of the FIRST week of the new year (I would prefer it down before the New Year, but I am being nice).

9) Personal pet peeve, You MAY NEVER EVER IN YOUR ENTIRE EXCISTENCE  tell someone “this is for Christmas and your birthday” when giving a gift, especially if that person’s birthday is in December. If you cannot afford to buy two gifts, or have other circumstances prohibiting a birthday or Christmas gift, just send a card or at least wish them a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.

10) and last but not least and this is a winter driving informational tip: YOU MUST CLEAN OF YOUR VEHICLE OF SNOW BEFORE YOU START DRIVING. Not doing so hinders visibility for not only yourself, but mainly for the person in the vehicle behind you.


Have a very Happy Holiday Season, and be Safe out there 🙂

Said with much love and gratitude for following my rules of the season;


The Perfectly Imperfect One

P.s. Christmas shirts may not be worn until DECEMBER!


2 thoughts on “Top 10’s of Christmas (winter season)

  1. hillasnow says:

    I am in agreement. I have one thing to add to the Christmas/Birthday statement. Since my Birthday also falls in December it is okay to give a combined gift, for me at least, as long as I have given permission. This year I gave Mom the right to combine since I have agreed to not going to eat on or for my Birthday. I have to say that my family has always been very conscious of making my Birthday and Christmas as different days.

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