Review of CLUE Secrets and Spies


November 8, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Saturday night Ben and Hill came over to play board games and drink and chat with us. A couple weeks ago I bought a new Clue game called CLUE Secrets and Spies and we played it Saturday night. First, the instruction book is like 18 pages long, and the game is NOT like CLUE at ALL! It was pretty fun, once we all got used to the rules and how to play the game, which took us all a couple turns to get the hang of it all.

CLUE Secrets & Spies & Confusion

The problem with the game is four-fold, first, there are not enough cards to play the game until the game ends, they need to have more cards to keep the game playing, since our game took a long time and there were five of us playing and we all needed to have an 3 activity cards and 1 mission card at all times, but there are not enough mission cards because you have to hold on to them in order to score points at the end of the game. The second problem is that the cards on meeting places didn’t include all the cities that were on the board. We never went to Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, London and couple more I can’t remember at the moment, but you get the idea. NOT ENOUGH CITIES for meetings, I swear we only went to 3 or 4 cities and the other cities were USELESS. Third, the game comes with a black light (purple flashlight thingy), and the meeting cards and the activity cards have SECRET messages in which you use the black light to see the secret meeting person or what item to trade for, the problem, the hidden words are SO HARD TO READ! I thought I was going to go blind trying to the BARELY THERE word or picture. And lastly, they have this edition of using a cell phone with text messages to use during game play (which is pretty cool in and of itself, but it does add yet ANOTHER thing to do during the game). The problem is, we sent the initial text to start the texting process and did not get a text for over an hour, then we tried a different phone, and waited another hour, still nothing! Now, the box says they will maintain the servers on the texting part of the game until at least 12/31/11. So, we sent an email to the company complaining that we had not received any text messages. It was about an hour later when my phone and T.J.’s phone’s blew up with texts from the game…and Ben and Hill had already been gone for about an hour. INSANE!

Not worth the $$

So anyway, my review of the game, long, kinda fun, not so easy (says ages 9 and up….UMMM NO, we were all adults and found it highly confusing at first, I don’t think any 9 year old would be able to follow it), not enough locations, not enough mission cards, and the use of a cell phone may not work. My suggestion, DON’T buy the game, BURROW it from someone who was crazy enough to pay money for it because it LOOKED cool. (like me). I would much rather play regular clue.


4 thoughts on “Review of CLUE Secrets and Spies

  1. hillasnow says:

    I think it was fun because of play with friends. The scoring process was a bit wacky as well. Not only did you have to do multiple things during your turn you also had to remember to move scoring pieces. I think it could have been a lot more fun if they had thought it out a little bit more.

  2. ianthecool says:

    I don’t like when they mess with the classics. It sounds like this game is trying to be hp and cool for today’s audience. Oh well. Thanks for the review! Other board game reviews are always great to read!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Just purchased it at Wal-Mart – clearanced for $5!

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