Ode to a Friend


October 14, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Me and Debi on my 16th birthday 1998

So my best friend Debi is coming to town this morning. I am so excited to see her. I haven’t seen her in a few months, and even then it was only for a day, she was really busy when she was here last time. But, I get to see her for girls night tonight, and spend Saturday afternoon with her for her daughter’s first birthday.

I have known Debi since 8th grade, so that’s A LONG time! Growing up and going through puberty with someone, it makes it so weird to think that they are still your friend, and that now she has a ONE YEAR OLD. My Goodness! I cannot believe it. When I think about Debi, I think about us sneaking out of the house at night in the middle of summer to meet half way and then go run around the grocery store, or wander the neighborhoods, duckin’ the cops lol.

I think about driving around town when I got my car with the windows down and the heater blasting (I got my license in the winter lol) and making tornado’s with our hair. Draggin state, and moonshadow dancing. I think about brushing our teeth while walking around the block, I think about running around the block with blankets on our heads pretending to be trolls. I remember sitting in the truck of my car wrapped in a blanket watching the sun rise.

I remember staying up all night and trying so hard not to fall asleep. I remember her dad taking us to the Scottish festival and telling them he had a couple of prisoners to drop off 🙂 Funny dad lol. I remember getting drunk for the first time with her, and trying my first cigarette with her. I remember spending all night talking until one of us fell asleep. I have SO MANY memories of being young and

Me and Deb at the 2008 National Talk like a Pirate Party

dumb. I remember the fun times and the bad and I remember the heartbreaks from boys, and later from men. I even remember making a bet in junior high about the length of our hair; whomever’s hair gets to their belly button first has to buy the other one lunch. This bet is still going because no one has won yet, and now the lunch will be much more expensive, since one of us will have to take a plane ride to buy the other lunch. (Secretly, I think I’m winning, since my hair hasn’t been this long since elementary school).

Me and Debi, Summer 2006

Even though we went to different high schools, we still hung out, and were still friends through the tough times. We even lived together for a while. We’ve had fights, and crying jags about different things, and now we live in different states, and she is married and has a baby! I am almost 28, and getting ready to move in with my boyfriend.  I still can’t believe it. I still think of us as teenagers. We are not adults! We are kids! It’s hard to think we are getting close to 30, I know, it’s still a couple years away, but knowing someone since I was 13, that’s almost 15 years. That is more than half my life, and she is still my best friend.

Wow, I am getting all nostalgic now lol


2 thoughts on “Ode to a Friend

  1. hillasnow says:

    Its GREAT that you have had a besty for that long…. I have friends from back then but none that are that close.

  2. vivianel1024 says:

    Hopping the friendship lasting long! lol


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