Cobwebs vs. Spider Webs

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October 8, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I know this week has been full of lots of yummy to the tummy recipes, some have been made and eaten throughout the week, while others are just a dream of what I wish I could make. Because I have blogged about a lot of food this week, I thought I would round out the week with learning more about a topic to which I despise, spiders. In all actuality, the webs in which they weave.

I have a terrible fear of spiders,  I do know where this fear came from, and it’s not really a fear that the spider might come and kill me, but I did see Aracnaphobia when I was only a little kid, but my fear is mostly an ICK factor type of fear. They just gross me out. I am not a fan of creatures that have more limbs that I do. ( I say limbs because I love dogs and cats and other ANIMALS, but I am not a big fan of insect type creatures, with the exception of lady bugs, butterflies, and potato bugs).

There are differences between a cobweb and a spider web, mostly those differences are that the cobwebs are mostly inside our homes, or just outside them attached to those homes, while spider webs are the outdoor webs in which the spiders reside. Both a cobweb and a spider web have their uses, for spiders not for us.


A cobweb, found inside, is usually abandoned because the main use of a cobweb is to catch food, and most the time spiders have moved on to another area of the house where they can catch more food. Cobwebs gather more dust which makes them more visible to us, and also usually makes us get the heebyjeebies.

Spider Web

A spider web is mostly outdoors, and most often a spider is currently living in said spider web. Once again, the main purpose of the web is to gather food, but the spider is also using the web as a home, and a spider web is most often more intricate in detail and sometimes very beautiful and geometric. While, a cobweb is haphazardly put together in a quick manner for a quick gathering of sustenance for the spider.

Now, I know this topic is icky to many people, me being one, the MAIN one to which it is icky, but alas All Hallows Eve (Halloween, Samhein) is just around the corner. I love Halloween, and because I am Wiccan, I have my own special rituals in which I perform on the day of the dead.

What are your thoughts on spiders?

How do you celebrate Halloween?


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