Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur Review


October 4, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend got offered a free bottled of spiced rum from someone who found his blog todaysdrinker.com (you should check out his website for lots of drinking tips like beverages, games, and a historical fact of the day). The guy sent him the bottled of spiced rum and a bottled of a cream liqueur, and we had the opportunity to taste test them both. Since I am more of the cream based liquor person than my boyfriend and his roommate, I enjoyed the cream based liqueur more than the spiced rum. I really love rum, but not too big of a fan of spiced rum, my favorite rum is raspberry rum in a strawberry daiquiri.

So anyway, I wrote this review of the cream based liqueur for his website.

Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur

The Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur is, in my mouth (mind) a very delightfully smooth cream based beverage. Voyant has a medium rich taste to it, not unlike a Copper Camel with a chocolate-spice to it rather than a caramel taste. I found the drink to be very satisfying, and I wouldn’t mind trying it in my morning coffee, a touch of the Irish you could say. I recommend this beverage as a light sipper on the rocks rather than a shot like most cream based liqueurs. Or even blended with a few scoops of ice cream to make a nice shake.

I have never been a big fan of Chai tea, but this liqueur has made me want to sample some for a comparison. Voyant Chai Cream is a sweet and spicy chai tea-inspired liqueur made of an international cast of ingredients: Virgin Island rum aged in oak casks, Dutch cream, India black tea and spices (notably cinnamon, clove, ginger and vanilla), and premium Dutch spirits. The best way in which I can describe the taste of this drink is a light cinnamon chocolate tasting with a hint of a light eggnog flavoring, and I LOVED it!

The bottle is beautiful and looks exotic, although it looks like it would contain a bit more spice to it than it does, but I think the beautiful packaging catches the eye and adds to the exoticness of the drink. If you are a cream based liqueur lover, I highly recommend this product to you, and if you are not a big cream based liqueur fan, I do still recommend it because it is that tasty and smooth.


One thought on “Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur Review

  1. hillasnow says:

    I will have to give it a try. I love creamy drinks I do have to say I love the smell of Chi but not a fan of the taste for more than an second.

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