Top Ten Things NOT to do While Driving


September 24, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I find it so funny when I am driving down the road and I see different people doing different things while driving down the road. I decided that since I have seen so many really STUPID things stupid people do while driving down the road, I would inform the world of the top ten things they should not be doing while driving down the road. These are not in any particular order, because they are all equally stupid!

Drive Safely? Really?!

10. Text messaging. I am guilty of this on occasion, but I wait until a red light to do it. This also includes reading a text message, email, or Facebook status and updating your twitter or Facebook account.

9. Screaming at your child in the back seat. I, personally, think that children should not be allowed in any vehicle because they are a major distraction. They say that talking on the phone without a hands-free kit is worse, but children just as distracting, if not more. Especially if you are attempting to grab them because they are being an ass. I know you have all seen it, the angry parent driving down the road, and the irritating child in the back, when all of a sudden, the parent starts flaling about reaching into the back seat trying to grab the child, sometimes this happens while the vehicle is in motion, meaning the adult is attempting to grab the child with their right hand without looking at said child, other times it is at a stop light at the adult completely turns around in the vehicle to yell or smack said child.

8. Eating. There are times when people are in a rush, but there are major foods that should not be eaten while driving. One type of food would be soup. This goes out to my friend Ri whom I work with. She was in an accident recently in which the other driver was eating a bowl of oatmeal while driving. Another major food should not be eaten while driving would be fried chicken. I actually saw this the other day! I could not believe it, but that is why it made my top ten list.

7. Flossing. I can understand having some food stuck in your teeth, but flossing? Really? NO! That is a bathroom project that should be kept in the bathroom.

6. Shaving. Running late is not an excuse to be shaving. This goes for the men and the women. If you didn’t have time to shave your face, or your legs when you were at home, then guess what? You shouldn’t be doing it while driving down the road.

5. Putting on make-up! This one irritates the HELL out of me. I see women putting on their make-up ALL the time WHILE driving, and not just at a stop light, but while their vehicle is in motion! I am not a morning person, so I am not driving about in rush hour traffic watching these women doing these things, but I am out in the afternoon and evening seeing this. C’mon ladies, do that crap at home! If you are putting make-up on while driving down the road, then you deserve the mascara wand stabbing you in the eyeball. No one needs make-up bad enough to risk someone else’s life!

4. Changing Clothes. This should be a no brainer, but I am saying it because it is NOT. It is like the label on the clothes iron that says “do no attempt to use while wearing the clothing”, apparently these things need to be said because people are doing them. For one thing, if you are removing clothing while driving, you may slip from the brake to the gas peddle (if you didn’t know, this is not good) and two, other people can SEE YOU! Which means you are distracting them from driving just as you are distracted from driving.

3. Reading or writing. If you think that you can read or write while driving, you are sadly mistaken. You can not focus on what you are supposed to be doing, that would be driving if you didn’t get that, nor can you properly read a book or write a paper DUH!

2. Masturbating. Once again, a no brainer! But I guess if you are masturbating while driving the blood is no longer in your brain. This goes for women too! I am not going to go into all the details about why this is wrong, because I am sure you can image the danger of this act.

1. Picking your nose! This is a major thing that many people do. I am thinking that people do not realize that just because you are in YOUR car people can still see you. You are not invisible, you are not in a black box with no windows, you are in a vehicle and EVERYONE can and does see you digging for gold!

I am sure there are many more things we can all think of that should not be done while driving, and this could turn into a top 100 list of things not to do while driving, so….let me know of some more things people should not do while driving and why ­čÖé Can’t wait to hear your ideas!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Things NOT to do While Driving

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  2. orples says:

    I’d starve to death if I didn’t eat while I was driving, but I do try to choose foods that are ‘driver friendly’, if there is such a thing. Good advice though.

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