The Invisible Letter


September 6, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

A few weeks ago we were at Barnes & Noble and I purchased a cute little notebook, the one with paper and actual lines that you use a pen for. (I know what you’re thinking, who uses a pen and paper anymore? That’s what this post is about).

I bought this awesome notebook thinking I can use it for writing little notes to myself, such note include blog post, grocery lists, notes to my love, and since I very much enjoy calling the police dispatch about aweful drivers; for writing down license plate numbers, car descriptions, and driver descriptions (only while stopped at a light of course because I am an awesome driver and follow the laws, that was not sarcasm, I really do!)

The problem I have found is that I also own a Google phone that has android apps, which include a notes apps. I use this app so much that my cute little notebook has yet to be opened, nor has it be written in since my purchase.

I add all my notes to myself in this app and it makes me wonder, how many people still use a notebook for taking notes or making notes to themselves? I know that people are going green and using less paper and android phones tend to help with this.

With an android phone you can even import your daily calendar so you no longer have to have a physical calendar. While this is a good idea, one that parallels email, I find that the written word has lost its value. Handwritting has lost its use. I miss the handwritten word and the occasional handwritten letter or love note. I miss reading a letter from a friend or family member, now I get chain emails and texts.

And by the way, what ever happened to mailing out chain letters anyway? Nowadays, I despise getting the mail because I KNOW there will not be a letter for me from a friend, I know there will only be a bill or five, possibly a magazine for which I don’t have time to read write now anway. But I would make time to read a nice handwritten note, card, or letter. I miss those days of handwritten penpals and letters from across the country or even from across the street or a morning love note saying “have a good day” or “I love you”. Now, all I get is a Facebook announcement informing me of birthday parties, wedding announcements, and wall posts for games (on another note, why are people saying hello to me on FB anymore? What’s up with that? lol).

This weekend we went to Trolly Square, which only a couple years ago a young man shot and killed a few people (read here), for which people are now scared of the place, but they have been refurbishing the place, and while more people need to open up stores there to make it what it once was, we had an awesome experience. We visited a store called Cabin Fever, and another Tabula Rasa, we also purchased some truly authentic Salt Water Taffy from trolley taffy. At Tabula Rasa I was reminded of purchasing notecards with envelopes and wax and a seal a few years back. I need to find those old cards and my seal and drop a note or a few to my friends to remind them I am thinking about them 🙂

So, I challenge you all to pick up that dusty pen and paper and think of someone you would like to drop a line to, and think of the smile on that persons face when they open the mailbox to find something other that a bill, but a handwritten note from a friend. (Even if you saw them today)     🙂


2 thoughts on “The Invisible Letter

  1. hillasnow says:

    I love to write my journal but it just takes so much more time than sitting at the pc to write a blog instead and I don’t have to store the dozen or so notebooks in an already crowded apartment that they take up. I always mean to write Grandma a letter, but then I have the issue that I don’t have any stamps. The envelopes that I do have are from 3 years ago from the wedding invitations that were left over….blue in color. I so agree we have lost that personalized touch of a handwritten note. I almost wonder if one day they will stop teaching children to write and just go straight to typing..

    • The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

      Yeah, stamps can get to be expensive but if you do go to the post office you can buy just one stamp. And, being that I am a postal employee, the blue envelopes (any colored envelope) are the worst because when I attempt to read the writing on the front, they are very unreadable since they are basically just a picture of the front of the envelope.

      I understand not having space to store journals, and that is why I enjoy blogging, but writing a note or letter to a friend who is not expecting it is always fun. And sometimes, you will get one back, which always makes for a good “getting the mail” day 🙂

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