To T.V. show Writers


September 2, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

*Spoiler Alert for past t.v. show deaths (Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Ghost Whisperer, Stargate Atlantis, Dexter), if you haven’t watch all the episodes of a show listed, please beware that some information is revealed.

So my boyfriend and I are in the middle of watching Stargate Atlantis, we have previously watched all the episodes of Staegate SG1, and are continuing with Atlantis before the movie comes out next year and before Universe comes back sometime in the near future.

Now, I watch A LOT of television. I watch so many different shows, ranging from the cooking channel, police drama, hospital drama, romance shows, comedy shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. My problem with watching a television series is that so often I get attached to the characters. I feel their joy and their sadness, and it really REALLY pisses me off when the show make me cry, which happens more often than not, but I guess it just means the actors are that good and the writers have done their job in making me love the characters and feel for them.

The major thing that I really hate is when I get attached to these actors and then THEY DIE! Do you know how angry I get at these people (writers/actors) when the character I love so much gets OFF’D? I mean seriously, I understand when you want to leave the show, or when the writers feel like they cannot do anything more with the character, but why not make them just leave the show, like making them move away, or return back to Earth such as Atlantis, rather than just killing them off.

Do you know what happens when you take this type of action on a television series? You have essentially pissed off half your viewers (maybe more), and you have abolished any sort of spontaneous/special returning of these characters. And what happens when you kill this person off and you eventually have this great idea on how to write them back into the show? You end up with a ghost returning like in Grey’s Anatomy and Denny Duquett, or my most hated kill off, Ghost Whisperer. The stupid writers killed off two main characters, but brought one back in someone else’s body yet we still see the original actor more often than the characters replacement.

And what about killing off a major character? Don’t you writers know that if you kill off the main character you have just killed your popular show. I stopped watching Ghost Whisperer when the writers did what they did a couple seasons ago. I lost interest, I was angry, and I think the idea was idiotic and I said “never again”. The show MAY still be good, but I doubt it and they have lost at least one viewer. .. ME!

Now, I know I am just one viewer, but my opinion’s on shows (and everything else) are loud and proud and I let people around me know when I am pissed off about anything. And to you television writers, I AM PISSED! Stop killing major characters off, especially the ones that are so sweet and lovable like Warrick in CSI, George on Grey’s, and Carson on Atlantis, and I am not even going to get into Dexter right now.

You know that your fans love these characters, they have sensitive emotions and they grieve for the characters when they die, and just like with grief, we get angry and cannot accept their deaths. Some of us may even decide that you made a MAJOR mistake and we will simply stop watching. Now, if you just had the character get a better job, or move away, your viewers will not be angry and you will not lose as many viewers.

I am not saying stop killing off people in television shows, because some shows do need death in them, such as CSI and cop shows, but you writers know who your fans like, and you know which characters are your main characters, so quit killing them off and angering your viewers.

To end on a happy note I wanted to post a couple pictures of the funny shows like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

(P.s. all pictures came from


4 thoughts on “To T.V. show Writers

  1. hillasnow says:

    I am so behind in my tv watching… I missed half of last season’s Grey’s Anatomy and all of Lost.

  2. TJ says:

    Well put. Completely agree. I also hate that when someone dies, they give them this grand old send ff to drag it out. The one positive here is, in most shows, when they kill them off, they just move on the next episode instead of keep bringing it back up.

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