Futuristic Fun


August 31, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So I posted a few month ago about the newest J.D. Robb book “Fantasy in Death”. Well, I listened to it again last week while I was at work. It got me thinking about how awesome it would be to have the technology available to me that they have in that book series. To start, the series is set in the year 2058+ and they have super kick ass technology including but not limited to Holographic rooms, hand held computers (which we are already on our way to having with our super phones), super fast airplanes that can take you to other worlds!

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have your own holographic room? I mean seriously, everyday you could visit a new country, relax on the beach, or even practice kicking someone’s ass by learning kung-fu.

I would visit all of France and wander around the country seeing all the sites. Seeing the Eifel tower, eating genuine French cuisine, and wander the Louvre.

I would visit Italy and all it’s glory, see the Leaning Tower is Pisa, and the Colosseum, and ride in a gondala.

I would walk the hills of both Scotland and Ireland, have a brew in local taverns.

I would be able to visit New York, and San Francisco any day of the week, I could go to Key West, my birth place, and I could visit Lounge on the beach at a moments notice.

With that kind of technology, there is so much you can do. You can visit so many different places. You get to program the weather and the people. You could even wander around the world all alone, see all the sites and never have to worry about being mugged, or attacked, or bothered by the people from another country. You could do almost anything.

Man, I wish it was 2058 already LOL

Where would you visit on a whim?


4 thoughts on “Futuristic Fun

  1. TJ says:

    MMM Brewery in Ireland. I could have some fun there. 🙂

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