Random Bitch Session


August 27, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

I have a little random bitch session today. Not because I am in a bitchy mood, but because I have some little things that bug me, but not enough for each one to have it’s own post, so I am compiling them into one post for frugality 🙂 (nice word huh? I like it).

First; Karmic? More like Comic

A couple weeks ago I was driving down the road and some peniswrinkle tampon douchery McFly (my words), cut me off and then got pissed at me because I was pissed at him for cutting me off. Jerk almost made me hit him. And do you know what his license plate was? KARMIC! Seriously! That is what his license plate number was. I could not believe it! My first thought was, you’ll get yours, as you already know! So comical to think that a guy with that license plate would actually commit such a stupid move, not very Karmic to me.

Second; Widescreen t.v.

I really hate widescreen. I am SO not a fan of it at all. It actually boggles my mind that so much of the television is wasted when they show things in widescreen. I mean, really? With a 70 inch television (I really don’t know how big it is, but whatever, it’s HUGE), watching a show or movie that is in widescreen cuts out 5 inches on the top and 5 inches on the bottom, which is wasting those sections of the television. Especially since most big screen televisions on the market today are ALREADY widescreen. I understand wanting to get the whole scene filmed by the company who filmed it, and I do like being able to see the full side to side picture, I just want to utilize the full television in front of me. What is so wrong with that? Why can’t they make those DAMN.BLACK. STRIPS.  GO AWAY? It may seem like nothing to some people, and I am sure there is a good explanation for them, but they irritate the hell out of me.

Third; Laziness

I am still working on my bachelors degree, and in the course of retrieving my degree, I have to work with teams. I get so irritated that it seems like the lazy people are moving right along with me to the next classes even when their work SUCKS.ASS., and they are super lazy. I really hate working with lazy people because I have enough stress in my life and I do not want to be even more stressed because someone decides not give 100% to their work, nor do they want to complete the work in a proper time. Especially in this class that I am in currently; there are 6 women working in a group in my current class, and only 3 of us actually work and give our work the proper research and time it needs to be completed. Which means we are turning in “A” grade homework, and the other 3 members of my team are barely doing their homework, are lacking communication skills, and get upset when we decide their work is insufficient and incomplete. When you have 2 weeks to work on an assignment, you have plenty of time to conduct research and writing a good paper. It’s not like you are writing an entire 2,000 word paper on your own, you only have about 200-300 words to write about one small part of a topic… and apparently that is just too difficult for some people to understand and do.

I think that is all for today. How about you, what little things would you like to bitch about?


2 thoughts on “Random Bitch Session

  1. TJ says:

    I agree with most of this. 🙂 But I won’t get into my opinion on the widescreen. 🙂 Love you babe

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