Rock chip, late to work, musical chairs, dead mp3 players, and a broken ASS!


July 29, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So here is a lovely story about my ridiculous day today. I left for work a few minutes early today because I had a movie to return to redbox, and I figured I wouldn’t mind getting to work a few minutes early, since I have been rushing in the door the past couple weeks.

So on the way to work I am driving 45 miles per hour on the freeway because traffic is SLOW! Once I get from I-15 to 201, speed picks up a bit, and traffic is not so much anymore. So I am driving along minding my own business we a rock hits my windshield. This time I didn’t SEE it happen nor did I duck like the last time, since I didn’t SEE it. So I hear it hit, and I am super pissed at this point, so I am glaring at the windshield looking for where the rock hit, and low and behold I find it!! DAMNIT! With the heat so high right now I know I have to fix it asap.

So I get to work, LATE! and begin my day. A day that apparently consists of me playing musical chairs for 6 hours! 14 moves in the first 3 hours! RIDICULOUS! The last hour of my dead my iPod dies in the middle of Holiday in Death (J.D. Robb) so put on my mp3 player, and it dies within a couple minutes of listening to Why my third husband will be a Dog (Lisa Scottoline). DAMNIT AGAIN!! And to top it off they made me key letters for the last hour of my day, with nothing to listen to. I am stuck between a guy who apparently must say everything he is typing and a guy who groans with every foreign piece of mail he has to key! IRRITATION!!!

So all I want is comfort food for dinner, which means sheppard’s pie! YUM! But first I must fix my rock chip, then go shopping for food stuffs, and get a movie for girls night tonight. I wanted fruit and fruit yogurt dip for girls night, but they didn’t have any! grr.

So I get home and begin my cooking of Sheppard’s pie. I get it all done, I start my laundry and once food is all done I proceed down stairs. Oops, forgot my purse and laptop upstairs, better go get it. On my way back down the stairs…yup you guessed it, I FELL ON MY ASS! Down 4 steps, slip sliddin’ away. I lay, sprawled at the bottom of the stairs on the linoleum covered CEMENT floor, laptop under foot, literally, purse ON.MY.HEAD! My mom’s roommates hear me fall and come running, I was not quiet about it. Now, I fall down the stairs A LOT, but this was loud and very painful. Not to mention, I have just begun riding a bike for the first time in 10 years, and my ass was already sore, well, the bones behind the butt cheeks are sore, but now, so is my tail bone. I know there will be a bruise!!!

So my recommendation to you, don’t fall down the stairs, and when you know it’s going to be “one of those days” I suggest going back to bed. I should have. And if that don’t beat all, I broke a nail while cooking dinner!


One thought on “Rock chip, late to work, musical chairs, dead mp3 players, and a broken ASS!

  1. hillasnow says:

    So is your ass hurting still today?

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