Public Service Announcement: The Drugs from the 70’s and 80’s Did Work

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July 4, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So, I have come to the conclusion that my mother’s generation is not crazy. I always thought they were, wandering around talking to strangers, and asking people weird questions. Having odd thoughts and ideas, not know what the hell is going on in today’s world. But, my mother helped me come to the conclusion that no, they are not crazy, while they were never taught about stranger danger, and they don’t realize how embarrassing they are to those around them, it is actually the drugs they all did when they were young, they are just now kicking in.

The other day my mom was telling me a story about her and a friend driving down the road and a couple in the car next to the began chatting away with them about their afternoon plans, and about graduating high school kids (I was confused a bit, but oh well), and how they were going to lunch. Now, my mom never really taught us about stranger danger, but public school did, and I do not think that generation has any idea how weird and creepy can be, maybe because they are the weird and creepy people, I don’t know.

My mom also told me about her interrupting an argument about the pronunciation of “Folgers” coffee between a mother and her mid teenage daughter. The daughter lost the argument, the mothers laughed their heads off, and I came to the conclusion it is the drugs her generation did in the 70’s and 80’s.  Now, my mom is in her early 50’s, she is from the “baby boomer” generation, and she is not computer literate, like many adults that age, therefore, she has no idea how to find my blog, and she already knows I am writing about this. My mom wanders around the grocery store and shopping mall talking to strangers, driving down the road having conversations with other vehicles, and not knowing that she is not only embarrassing herself, me and my sister, her granddaughter, and the strangers.

I love my mom to death, but woman, really! lol So the public service announcement I am making is to all you children of the baby boomer generation, have you notice your parents doing weird things? Talking about crazy issues that have nothing to do with anything? Talking to strangers while out in public? Well people, it is the drugs they did in the 70’s and 80’s. Those drugs did have an effect on the brain, and while it may be 25 or 30 years later, the drugs do have side effects.


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