Dear Facebook


May 28, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Dear Facebook,

I don’t know how to say this to you, but I have become addicted to you and your games. I enjoy reading about my friends daily lives, but you are everywhere! You have even taken over my phone! All day, I wonder what has so-and-so said today? Or, did someone comment on my status/picture?

The problem with this, is that half the people I have on my friends list have not actually had a real conversation with me in YEARS. I thought, hey sweet, I can keep in touch and see what everyone is up to, but just because I see it doesn’t mean I comment on it. Then I read posts about children being potty trained, and throwing up all over everywhere, and the parents having to clean it up, and I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT!! These people, I am sorry to say are blocked, I do not inform my friends about the huge poop I made, I don’t want to know that your kid made poopy, and in all reality, NO ONE DOES!

And then it makes me wonder, are people reading what I am posting? And if they are, why don’t they let me know? I have friends and family on my friends list. I have people I haven’t seen since high school. I have family who I barely talked to over the years, except for family functions. Everyone said Facebook is a great way to keep in touch and stay in contact, but to tell you the truth, you have made it worse. I worry that friends are mad at me because they comment on everyone else’s status updates, but say nothing to me. I think, am I not funny enough, are my pictures just not that great to get a response.

I sit at work and think, what should my next Facebook status be? Or I hear something funny, and think oh yeah that’s going on Facebook. My friends take pictures at parties and instead of hearing, “Oh that’s a great picture, can I get a copy?” You hear, “You have to put that on Facebook”. Facebook is now a household name, it can be heard at parties, seen on t.v., heard on the radio, and read on billboards. “Follow us on Facebook”, “I”’ll Facebook you”, “He/She Facebook friended me”,

Well let me just tell you, you have RUINED.ME!! You have ruined the phonecall, you have ruined pictures, you have ruined advertising and television, but most of all you have ruined communication. You are a virus, and all my friends are sick!!

Sincerely Yours;

Facebook Addict: Perfectly Imperfect


One thought on “Dear Facebook

  1. Drowning by Thoughts says:


    Rise up warrior we will fight facebook with old school methods…..erm do you own any armour?

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