Fashion Fake Paw


May 4, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One


Ok, I saw the worst fashion faux pas today while I was at work, and I got a picture! I guess I should preface this with “I’m sorry if I offend anyone” but this is my blog and I can say what I want! Haha 🙂

Anyway, some girl at work was wearing skinny jeans with her boots over them, not if this isn’t the worst thing in my opinion already, the boots were GOLD! I could not believe it, I hate boots over jeans, but gold boots to top it off! NO NO NO!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Fake Paw

  1. T.J. says:

    Oh My God! Why did Krista do this? (just kidding Krista)… This is too funny.

  2. hillasnow says:

    Where I don’t totally agree with your hate of the skinny jean boot combo I do hate the gold boots!!! I do promise not to wear the jean boot combo when going on outings with you.. lol… fat chicks should not attempt this look EVER….

    • The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

      Part of my thought process on this issue is that girls think it makes their legs look longer, when in all reality, it makes their legs look short and stumpy. Plus it’s just ridiculous looking 🙂

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