Attacked by American Flag(s)…Paper Cuts Galore…Finish me off With a Rock…

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January 27, 2010 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Hello all, I know I have been a slacker on writing for the last month, sorry about that I have been super busy.

Christmas was totally awesome. My wonderful love did an amazing job on both my Christmas presents and my birthday presents. For Christmas he bought me the cutest teddy bear (oh so soft). He gave it to me on Christmas Eve and I ended up choking it all night, and pretty much every night since (I love the cute thing) I think we finally came up with a name for him too, Sir. CuddleBear. I love to cuddle and hold on to it all night. My honey thinks it’s funny.

For my Christmas day present was one I had mentioned about a year ago when we were at the mall, and he remembered….I got a MICHE Bag. Have you ever heard of it? It is the coolest purse in creation! You buy a base bag and then you buy different shells (covers) for it. He bought me two of the cutest shells. What you do is take literally 3 seconds to change your purse, the shells are magnetic (using Earth magnets which are credit card safe, so no worries there). I have also purchased the newest shell from Miche called the Hope Shell. The Hope shell is covered with inspirational words gathered by cancer survivors and has a breast cancer awareness pin on it. Plus, some of the money goes to the Hunstman’s Cancer Institute here in Utah at the UofU. (The creator of Miche lives in South Jordan Utah which is only about 5 minutes away from my house). It does kind of suck that the warehouse for Miche is so close to me, yet I had to wait almost 2 weeks for the new shell, I could have walked and got it faster :(. I also ordered another bag from a lady who lives in Arizona, it is one of the cutest bags  too. You can check out her blog at or you can go to to see it 🙂 I will also post pics below…

For my birthday, he bought me a new MP3 player since my last one decided it wanted to die. It was very sad 😦 but I have a new one now, and it’s purple too! My Favorite color…It plays videos too, and has a ton of room so I can put a bunch of audio books on it and movies if I want too!

So let’s get to the title of this blog…we will start off with attack of the American flags, which kind of goes along with paper cuts galore…From January to April, I work a second job doing taxes at my uncle’s company (this goes along with me doing school, so as you can see, I have been pretty busy). Anyways, so one day my uncle calls me up and says “How about we put some flags out on the street next to out waiver and drum up some more business” so I tell him sure I can do that. Now, the flags are on metal poles and they are on the wall on these little hooks. So, I see the flags, three in all, I reach up to get them off the wall when they decide they want to come down off the wall all on their own….falling on top of ME! and the computer monitor on the desk below them…monitor is fine btw. I ended up with a major headache, a cut on my hand, three bruises on my arm and some on my thigh….yes, I was attacked by the American flag….I am very patriotic I guess lol 🙂

Since I am working at the tax place, I have been working more with paper, resulting in many many paper cuts on my hands….so not fun! I really think I am beginning to have a fear of paper now….Do you know how bad paper cuts hurt? Especially on the web part of your finger!! OUCH!!

To top of the title of this blog, let’s talk about my vehicle…I had to register it this month….I was worried because I had to do the Emissions and Safety inspection and the last time I went to the deal ship for the oil change (I know what you’re thinking, why the dealer ship? Cuz half the time they do it for free so there) they told me I need to get new breaks on my front tires…do you see my worry? I haven’t done it yet, and they are beginning to squeak. But I did pass <whew>. Then today, I left the tax place and was on the freeway going to the Post Office, when all of sudden a huge rock came flying at my car….I actually ducked, I know I’m crazy but it was an instinct. Anyway, the rock hit my windshield and made a quarter sized chip in the windshield.

So anyway, that has pretty much been my month, I will post more soon I hope 😛

One more thing, I have also ordered another Miche Bag Shell with Van Gogh’s Starry Starry night on it and I am just waiting for it to come in the mail WOOT!

UPDATE 1/31/10:  My newest shell….my favorite artist Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night!!


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