The Holidays, New Aussie friends, and a broken bed, Merry Christmas, and a Happy Birthday to Me….

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December 20, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Ok, I have to start this post off with, today is not a good typing day for me, so sorry for any mistakes. It took me three times to get the title correct, damn fingers!!

First of all I have to send a little note to my two best friends, Debi and Amy, congrats on your new little girls, I love them both so much and I have even met them yet. Debi had her little girl, Ceridwen Elora Daeylyn Williams btw, Deb, I am still going to call her my babygirl Ela), on October 23, 2009 (I know a bit late, I’m sorry) and Amy had her little girl this week, December 16, 2009 Jadyn-Amy Boulrice. Congrats to you both, I love all four of you and I miss you more than you can ever know!

So, Christmas is just around the corner, well not even around the corner, more like walking up the steps ready to ring the door bell. But I am ready for it, even though the post office is crazy right now and it’s finals week at school. It was not easy to be ready for it, but alas I am. Yesterday I spent 3 1/2 hours driving around and getting my Christmas shopping all done. I was actually very surprised that it only took 3 1/2 hours because it was the last shopping Saturday before the big day.

I have to say though, it has not been an easy shopping year this year. Usually I can easily decide what do get for everyone on my shopping list. This was very hard to shop for all the people. Especially since it seemed like everywhere I went to buy something, they didn’t have it! Earlier this week I went to the mall (AAAHH I know), to get a few gifts for some of my list. I walked through almost every single store in the mall and no one had anything I wanted, and I had a list of what I was going to buy. So, finally yesterday I went back to the mall (a different one) and boy are people crazy there in the Christmas season. Crazy Ass drivers, and insane parents. I even heard this one old woman say “God Damnit Jack, just decide if you are going to buy the stupid thing or not”, it was so funny because she was talking to her husband (I assume), and they were pretty up there in age.

Anywho, the mall still didn’t have what I wanted, well I guess they did but the ad I saw for the gift showed it sold all together for a decent price, but when I got there you had to buy all the little things separately, and each piece was the price of the entire thing together, what kind of crap is that?

I had also been searching for a specific gift for my love, and I went to every store imaginable that would sell the damn thing and could not find it. I spent 3 weeks looking for it. I finally found it on Saturday thank god! And apparently, the store had just gotten a shipment in of the item the day before. They had not carried the item for a few years, so I was damn lucky to have gotten it. Sure hope he likes it too, actually, I should say he better like it cuz it was a pain the ass to find lol 😛

So, my Christmas shopping is done, I hope every likes their gifts, and now that they are all wrapped and under the tiny little tree, I just want everyone to open them now so I can see their faces and see if they like what I got them.

Oh Christmas Tree (+cat)

Plus, my birthday is in a week. Yes, yes, two days after Christmas, and yes it does suck having it so close to Christmas, for many reasons. First of all, hello people, it’s TWO.DAYS.AFTER.CHRISTMAS….second, I can never have a BBQ or outdoor party because it’s too damn cold here in the land that breads missionaries, and the “Greatest Snow on Earth” (which, ok if you like so I guess it could be, but I don’t, so there ya go). Third, I can never have an Ice Cream cake because it just doesn’t seem right to eat frozen cake when it’s this cold. Next, we have the birthday/Christmas presents, this is not really fun. Not that I expect presents or whatever, but it’s not like a person with a birthday in June gets a present from someone and they say “This is for Christmas and your Birthday”, but the main thing that really IRKS me more than anything, and it may seem so minor to many of you, but Christmas paper or bag for a birthday wrapping solution. C’mon people, I understand you have the paper already out and what-have-you, but at least put forth the effort to turn the paper the other way so it doesn’t look like Christmas paper!

The new Aussie friends…. I had the great fortune to meet a wonderful new couple this week, Mia and Matt from Australia. These two people have the greatest out look on life. Matt was transfered here for work, they have been here 6 months and will be here for at least 2 years. Our friends the Chris’ introduce us to the Aussie folk, and I just love to hear them talk. I know sounds kind of silly, but it’s AUSSOME (see the pun lol, I know, I’m hilarious). Their lives in Australia are so much different from ours, and boy do we have Aussies ASS.BACKWORDS. Last night we played Catchphrase, and did you know that what we call tuition, which means we pay for school, they know as get intuition, and they call it tuition, it’s knowledge!! And their toilets really do flush in the other direction, and they notice!! No one says Good’day Mate anymore, not even the other generation. And Shrimp on the Barbee, is not a real thing, first off, they are prawns, not shrimp and you do.not.bbq.them!

And the last part of my title, the broken bed…LOL You’re going to love this one. As we are laying in bed last night, I decide, “gotta pee”, so I get up and do my thing, when I come back to bed my love is laying in the middle of the bed, where I left him, yet he is much much closer to the ground than he should be, (little back story on the bed, it’s from IKEA, and it’s base sits only about 4 inches of the ground, the mattress is about 2.5 feet off the ground, so it’s a low bed). Yet, the sides of the mattress are where they should be. Now, to know this bed, you have to know IKEA, and IKEA bed have wooden slats for many of the styles, and usually no box spring. These wooden slats are not attached to the bed in anyway, the sit on top of two side metal pieces and a center beam. So after a night of consuming alcohol, and staying up chatting with our friends the Chris’ and our new Aussie friends, M&M, (M&M, do you like that? Cuz my love and I are T&T, or TNT cuz we’re DYNAMITE LOL) so anyways, I tell my honey that the bed is broken and he needs to get up, now he is half asleep and But I can clearly see there is something very wrong with the bed. He tells me, “it’s just the slats, they just fell of the beam or something”, so I climb on in and instantly roll to the cent of the bed. This is NOT RIGHT! since it is a king size bed and each side has it’s own set of slats, my side should not be caving in unless something is seriously wrong. So I keep telling him, “babe, the bed is broken, you need to get up!” but he is in denial about it and still, but alas I become a nagging girlfriend and he finally gets up to “fix the slats”, so we lift of the heavy-as-all-hell mattress and he fusses with the slats, when he notices that the center beam, supposedly really sturdy metal, is bent in the center of the bed all the way to the ground. The damn thing was touching the carpet! So, we decide, ok, fine, we can’t do much more damage, so lets just go to bed and worry about it in the morning, (btw, it was 5:45 AM already). So once again we climb in to bed. No, his side of the bed no longer has the slats for support cuz he couldn’t get them back on the beam, obviously, so he is about 4 inches lower on the bed then I am. Now, where I am laying, my head is being supported by slats, and my feet are being supported by slats, but ass is basically touching the ground, I feel like I am laying in one of the mechanical hospital beds with my head and feet propped up, and it was.not.comfy. So I tell him I am going to the couch, and he says no it’s fine….so I lay waiting a few minutes, when he groans and I ask if he’s ok, he says “yeah, are you?” I tell him “No, I am so uncomfortable right now” and so we ended up going to the U-shaped couch in the living room (it’s 6AM now), with our heads touching and our bodies aiming in the opposite direction, we looked like the letter C, and holding hands when we fell asleep. AW, cute huh? 🙂

So, after a stressful week of Christmas shopping, working my ass off at the post office, working on FINALS (blah), meeting great new Aussie friends, and a broken bed, I wish you all happy holidays, a wonderful and safe New Year’s and Happy Birthday to the greatest person in the world!!ME!

so to leave you with this little note, I did not fall down anytime recently, but I did break a bed! Merry Christmas people!

The IKEA Bed


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