Fall is upon us

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October 4, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So fall has decided it is time to show it’s beautiful face here in Utah. The trees are beginning to change colors in the most beautiful ways. (I took pictures). While I am not fond of the cold weather, I do love the changing of the seasons. Fall is one of my most favorites. I love going to the mountains and seeing all the amazing colors mother nature provides for us…although, I have yet to do that this year. Maybe I will take a little trip to the mountains this week before all the colors turn icky.

Plus, even if no one will go with me, it will give me some time alone to hem and haw and oooh and aaaww, and to ponder my life as a whole. While no one is perfect, myself being one of those right there at the top of the imperfect list, nature gives us a look at all the beauty that comes with being imperfect. She gives us a look at the other side of being. Nature has a way of calming me and making me realize the things in my life that are good and the things in my life that  need changing.

I enjoy driving around town and thinking about everything and nothing in my life, it is one of my past times. And to put that together with looking at the changes in the scenery I can really look at the changes in my own life. It is very relaxing.

It has been a rough week for me this week emotionally and physically (I am continuously harming myself by being a clumsy fool), as well as being a woman and this week has been  “one of those” and driving up to the mountains just seems like a chance for me to clear my head and become one with nature once again. A chance to clear my head and maybe clear up this clumsiness I have been facing lately :).


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