Deb’s Baby Shower/Weekend in WA

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October 4, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So last weekend I went up to Washington to visit my best friend Deb and host a baby shower for her. She is going to be having a little girl, due at the end of the month, but I had a dream about her having the baby on Oct 13th, so we’ll see. Anyway, the shower went really well, there were only 5 of us but it lasted 11 hours (we went and had dinner and talked a lot).

I enjoyed seeing my darling Dodo bird and her little growing belly. She is adorable as a preggo lady 🙂 although it is creepy to see the baby moving, kinda alien like lol. The plane rides went well both directions which is good since I only enjoy flying when I am in control (btw I can fly too, just not land…yet). It was so pretty up there, so green and wonderful, although colder than I was used to.

We decorated the house and had some yummy food. I was only there from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon (way too short) but I enjoyed myself a lot. Although, once again I had a bit of a clumsy mishap after breakfast on Sunday morning. You know those signs that say “watch your step”? Well, I saw the sign on the way in to the hotel where we had breakfast, and I did watch my step. But on the way out, I once again SAW the sign on the door, I read the sign, and I thought to myself, don’t miss the step down. Then apparently I got distracted from walking and when I opened the door, I did not watch my step, and I twisted my ankle….I’m telling you people, these things are a sign that something is wrong with the ways in which my brain processes movement. It is becoming a problem…hmmm how to fix this problem? Pay more attention? Stay inside at all times? *this one won’t work because I am clumsy while inside too!!!

I guess I will just have to see when and if this will ever end….

I know it will not be any time soon, because both last night and this morning I have already had my clumsiness come in to play. Last night I was flicking my cigarette out and an ember landed on my finger tip and would not go away, resulting in burning my right index finger. This morning I was straightening my hair when I burned same index finger on the flat iron…..grrrr, both incidences were witnessed by my boyfriend who proceeded in trying not to laugh that his girlfriend is a cluts, all while asking if I was ok. Which, of course I didn’t feel ok, since ya know, I just burned myself, but since I am still alive, I guess you could say I am ok. The only reason he witnessed the second finger burning incident was because he was telling me breakfast was on the counter (how sweet is that?). And the third and hopefully final incident happened a few moments later when walking into the kitchen to eat said breakfast, I stubbed my damn toe on the corner of the counter!! GRRRR


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