Crazy Ass Dream (and it’s reaccuring?!?)

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September 6, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Ok, so for the last four or five nights now, I have been having the same crazy ass dream. It is similar in many ways, but each night is a different day in the dream.

So the first night of the dream: Ok, so it starts out that I am a police office (foreshadowing maybe?, i dunno). So I am a cop and I am running around after this serial killer guy. I am doing a great job cuz I know who he is and how he is killing people and all I need to know at this point is why. So anyways, I am chasing this serial killer guy and we go into a building and I chase him up the stairs when all of a sudden the stairwell erupts with flames. I put up my right arm to protect my face and burn the shit out of my right forearm (the underside where the skin is all soft and smooth).

So my arm is now burned in the dream and is killing me.  Crazy thing is, my arm is killing me outside of my dream too. So the doctors in the dream patch me up as good as they can and send me on my way.

Day/night 2 of the crazy ass dream: In this dream it is the next day and my arm is already burned and I am super pissed because due to the fire the crazy serial killer got away so I am still after him. At this point my arm is still killing me, and I take off the bandages and look at my burned arm…it looks really gross, all bubbly and super red with some black spots in places (these black spots hurt worse than anything and they hurt in real life too). So I am still chasing this guy only now I have no idea where he could be.

Day/night 3&4 are pretty similar to day 2 but wherein I am still burned (luckily though it was only my arm because apparently a stairwell full of fire can kill you ya know), and still looking for this serial killer dude. The only thing that has changed is 1) I am aware these dreams are reaccuring 2) my arm feels really weird all day in real life and 3) I have to realize that I am sleeping funny on my right arm and it could be possibly trigger these crazy dreams about it being burned.


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