The Baby Boom has Begun


September 5, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Now, I am not the type of person who will have children. I know that I might be a good mother, but I have no intention of having children EVER. I will stick to animals thank you 🙂 much easier to find babysitters for pets than children when you want to take a long weekend or a nice vacation.

Although I am not going to have children, apparently all my friends are, like, right now 🙂 I will begin the list:

Let us start with Kym, she had a little boy in April. next we have Hill, she had her little girl in April of this year, Next, we have Fifi (feefee) who is 17 years old and had her little girl in July.

I have known my best friend Deb, for 15 years now, and it is so odd because she will be having a little baby girl in just about 2 months now CRAZY! I think this is great for her, I know she will make a wonderful mother but it is the weirdest thing to know that a person you have known since you were a young teenager is going to have a child! My best friend lives in Washington/Portland (she moves a lot back and forth between the two so I am not sure which one she is living in now), and I don’t get to see her that often. She sends me pictures of her growing belly almost weekly and right now we are planning her baby shower (little hard since we are not in the same state but I digress).

My other best friend, Amous, will also become a new mother again in December (better be December, I am worried because she has been having contractions and I think this little girl wants out sooner than later). I have known my other best friend for 7 years now. We have been through a lot together, she is 36 and already has two children. She lost her husband 3 years ago and is also a new grandma (I know crazy huh? a new mother and a grandmother all in the same year). We lived togther, worked together, cried together and laughed together. We buried her husband together and bought lottery tickets together. It is so sad to say that this momentous occasion in her life does not include me. I will not be there for her baby shower, or the birth of her daughter, (she lives in Massachusettes). She has sent me on belly picture and only one picture of her granddaughter. I wish I could be there for her and my lifelong best friend. Why can’t they both just live her in Utah with me? DAMNIT!!

My cousin’s wife, Kar,  is due in a couple weeks too, she is having a boy! Which sould have coinsided with the same day as my best friends younger sister having her baby boy too, but Emmy’s little boy decided he was done and came two and half weeks early (on Thursday).

Ok so where am I? Oh yeah, Deb (1) Amous (2) Amous’ grandbaby (3) Emmy(4) Kar (5) Hill (6)  Kymi (7) and I am not done yet….nope not even close!!!

My other friend is having a boy in October, same week as Deb. My friend Mag at work is having her first little boy in November, hopefull not on Thanksgiving, but that is what they are saying. And last but not least, my friend’s the Chris’s (both named Chris) who just got married are having a little girl in January!

So there ya have it, 10 babies all due in the same one year period. Damn, I have been telling people that there is a government conspiracy and those bastards put something in the water. Not just the drinking water either, they put it in all the water to get absorbed into the skin and increase the baby making hormones! (So glad I take precautions!!)

Let’s do the baby count….so far, 2 girls born, and 2 boys born. That’s four!

Girls                                   Boys

Deb                                      Kym

Amous                               Emmy

Fifi                                       Mag

Hill                                      Kar

Chris’                                  A

DAMN those are a lot of babies….and they are coming out in an even number, 5 girls 5 boys 🙂 Craziness!


2 thoughts on “The Baby Boom has Begun

  1. kimberly says:

    you forgot Emily! her son came in Sept!

  2. tenna5 says:

    No, I didn’t forget Emily, she is under Emmy cuz that’s what I call her 🙂 She was due the same day as my cousins wife who is also having a boy.

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