Attack of the Aluminum Cans (other title, driving sucks)

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September 3, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So this morning I woke up a few times before actually getting up and getting out of bed, I did not sleep well last night (sorry if I woke you baby). But once I did finally get up it was still early enough to mosey through my morning routine and not rush, it was nice 🙂

Anyway, so I am on my way to work and I stop off at the local gas station to pick up my daily fill of Redbull, a granola bar and of course smokes. The nice lady behind the counter is always so friendly and knows on which days to offer me smokes and on which days not to worry since I still have some from the day before, it’s nice. Anyway, she asked how work was going and saw the look on my face of dread and slight irritation about my job. I told her I really did not want to go to work, and she asked where I worked, I told her I work for the USPS doind data entry and that my job is so boring, all I do is sit on my ass all day long, listening to audio books (which I enjoy) but that I am not allowed to talk while I work. I then told her that I just passed the written test for the police department and we got into that topic (I had a few minutes to spare since I was early that morning) and we chatted about how cool it is going to be and she congratulated me on my most resent accomplishment…

Ok, so after leaving the gas station I open my Redbull and light my morning smoke, I get on to the freeway and am driving my merry little way to work when out of no where there are aluminum cans flying about the freeway. People are slowing down and swerving to miss these free falling cans. I slow down to avoid them, when I realize they may not do much harm, they are just bouncing around and most of them are crushed anyway. When all of a sudden one of these flying cans hits the car next to me and is embedded in the windshield! It was crazy, the lady in the car handled it very well (meaning she didn’t swerve and hit me with her car, which was nice) maybe she freaked out inside her vehicle and screamed some profanady, cuz I know I would have, I would have screetched and screamed and swerved and probably would have wrecked my car, so lady on the road, I applaud you for not going nuts when the can hit your car!


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