I got the results…


September 1, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One


So the other day I posted about me taking the NPOST exam, and I just wanted to let you all know that I passed. That dreaded math section that I was so worried about went suprisingly well, I didn’t just sqweek by either, I actually got an 85% on that section. I got 88%  on the reading comprehension part, and 85% on the grammar part (which is lower than last time but oh well) and 100% on the Incident report part! I am so happy! I cannot believe that I did it! One more step down in the process towards becoming a CSI!

Next step, run a mile and half in under fifteen minutes, do 35 sit ups in under a minute, 25 push ups in under a minute and a 21 inch verticle jump…Time to start running!! Eeek lol


6 thoughts on “I got the results…

  1. […] So once again, I ask, am I ready for this?!?! HELL YES I AM! I may not be 100% on the physical fitness part, but I think I can get there, and hell even if I don’t pass it this time, I will have at least tried and then I will know where I stand as far as that goes. But I am mentally ready for this (almost lol) I am worried about the hours and that it is not the job I want, but I have to get my toe n the door somewhere somehow and what better time than now? Right? RIGHT??? Please, reassure me I can do this lol I mean, hell I have been waiting for the opportunity for a long time now, it was about 2 years ago I passed the written test (read about that HERE) […]

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  3. orples says:

    Cool beans. I see this post is from 2009. Have you achieved your goal yet? Being a CSI is probably a cool profession to be in.

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