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August 30, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So it is Sunday evening and I just finished dinner with my honey, who by the way is a wonderful cook. (I tried to cook, but I must have a full recipe and I follow it to the letter, and it still is only so-so, although, I do have some good things I make, which my honey does enjoy, plus he does most the cooking and loves doing it so why should I argue?)

Anyway, back to topic, we are both sitting on the couch watching season 4 of BONES (awesome show, btw), and while I read and wonder the internet bloggers websites, and he plays a game on his laptop (this must be a site to see, two people in a room, sitting quietly side by side listening to a television show and playing around on the computers, kind of odd, but what can you do? lol).

A thought comes to mind, a few weeks ago I took the NPOST exam. If you don’t know what that is, it is the written exam for the police department. It is my goal to become a Crime Scene investigator in my hopefully near future. I took this test just over a year ago and failed it…it was not a horrible fail but a fail nontheless. See, there are four sections to this written test, there is the dreaded mathematics section to which is the only section I failed the first time, the reading comprehension section, the spelling and grammar section and the filling out police forms sections. Each section must be passed with a 70% score or better or you fail the whole test. The first time, I got 100% on two sections, 96% on one section and 69% on that damned math section GRR. Due to this, I had to take the test again.

So like I said, I took this test a couple weeks ago, and tomorrow is the day they will mail out the results….AAAHHH, I am so freaking out. I told my honey that tomorrow is the day they will mail it out, and he is excited for me to get my results. I, too, am excited but I am so nervous, what if I fail it again? I will have to take it again (at least I have a study guide this time) but I have to pass this test in order to get on as an official police department personage. I could try to obtain a job as a civilian, but civilians do not make shit compared to official personnel.

Here is a little background on my job choice and my taking of the NPOST exam; When I was a teenager I had no father figure (dad was evil and ran away with new wife, but that is another story for another day, maybe), but then I met my best friend to which I will call D. Shortly after we met her father who was a local sheriff, became my father figure. Due to him being a cop, it helped me to decide what sort of career I wanted to go in to. I have always had an attention to detail and so I decided I wanted to become a CSI. A true CSI, (not what they portray on t.v.) is a person who gathers evidence at a crime scene, that’s it, they do not interview people or make arrests or analyze said evidence (forensic scientist). Anyways, a couple years ago I signed up for school, I now I have an associates degree in criminal justice which is a major goal that has been reached for me. (my family was very unsure I would be able to do it, not that they had no belief in me, but I was doing it online and they were worried I would not be focused enough to finish, but I have proved them wrong so far.) So here I am, working on my 6th bachelors degree class in criminal justice (with my 7th class being the dreaded math BLAH) and waiting for the mail to come this week with my results of my test taking skills (scared :/). I’ll let you know how it goes…


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