One whole year, can you believe it?

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June 3, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

WOW, T.J. and I have been together for a year. Time really does fly by when you are happy! I just cannot believe that it has been a year already, And it all came out of friendship, which is such a wonderful thing in itself. In most relationships, people hide who they truly are for the first while, but with T.J. and I, it just is not the case. We have been friends for almost 4 years now (can you believe that?), and we knew each other as friends first. I think it’s so funny too because last year at his birthday party Jerry asked me why T.J. and weren’t together and I answered that I was not the one to ask about that J, about a week later T.J. asked me if I wanted to go to the bike rally with him in Wyoming, and I said yes. (It wasn’t as easy as that since it was during finals weekend and the same weekend I was to host a bridal/bachelorette party), but in the end my friends and family were able to help me out so I could go.  And boy am I glad I did!

*How the first year began*

So it was our first weekend out of town with an entire group of people I did not know, and he was so sweet making sure I was doing ok (which I was, I can get along with new people pretty well). After two wonderful nights of which included drinking and 2 days of wondering around the little town (really getting to know each other much better) we drove home.

Throughout that week after our out of town event, we spent more time together, I went out of town the next weekend with my mom, and he texted me all weekend and said he missed me (this was new for us), and telling me he wished I was there (hello can you say butterflies and smiles all weekend). Then on Tuesday morning June 3rd, he gave me a key to his place (since I was there almost every  night and he wanted to keep his own key). I was excited about that, definitely new territory for us both! That same Tuesday night he sat me down on the couch and said he needed to talk to me…”this is a serious talk”, but neither one of us could really be serious, we kept giggling and he looked so nervous (adorable) finally he grabbed both my hands and said “Tina, will you be my girlfriend?” I thought I was going to burst into tears from happiness.

I don’t think I have ever been happier in my entire life than he makes me. This has been the best year of my life (so far) and it will only get better! I don’t think there is another woman in the world that is as lucky as I am. I could not ask for anyone better. He is not only my boyfriend, but my love, and one of my best friends, can a girl get any luckier? J

Last weekend we headed back up to Wyoming for the bike rally again, and once again had a wonderful time together, one year later and loving every minute of it!

We had such a great anniversary together, including; great food (so FULL), a great movie, one of my favorites, Interview with the Vampire (I know, not so romantic, but it’s a fav of mine and he hadn’t seen it yet), great conversation, some debating, some gambling (I won a bet LOL) some laughter, many kisses and the rest is mine and his to keep to ourselves!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY, I LOVE YOU! And here’s to another wonderful year in the making!Me and Tina


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